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DINE UNDER NATURE is one of the warm yet plush restaurants located in an elite community in the capital Accra. The Zen Garden Restaurant gives its customers a garden vibe as they dine, with an outdoor seating option and also an indoor seating area. Located at the Orphan Crescent, Labone, Accra. This restaurant is frequented for its ambience and prime location.
I love night drives and I have found my way to that part of town on many occasions. My first attempt to visit there proved futile due to bad timing and I made it a point to replan and visit. A breezy beautiful night it was as we drove out of my house . ZEN GARDEN RESTAURANT LABONE ACCRA, DINE UNDER NATURE

Heading out to Airport for ice cream and going to Zen gardens cantonment. Considering the time, we set off we had to use the back route through to the American house to join the Spintex road. The radio kept us company as we chit-chat away my only mistake was not reading reviews off Google Maps. I knew what I was going to order thanks to their website that was fried rice with grilled chicken for 55 cedis. ZEN GARDEN RESTAURANT LABONE ACCRA, DINE UNDER NATURE

At the entrance of the restaurant stood 3 males and a female seated behind a desk. Upon making enquiries, I found out that Saturday nights are for live band performances and guests had to pay 20 cedis. We explained to them that we were there to take out a meal and were allowed to sit at the tables closest to the gate.

Set in a garden, the place was very airy and it felt nice with big trees all over. The restaurant has 3 seating areas, that is indoors, and outdoors under the tree and another outdoor close to the entrance. We were attended to by a female waiter. She took our order and asked us to wait for a few minutes which I did not mind. I had my eyes on the live band instrumentalist busily setting up the stage and testing their equipment. ZEN GARDEN RESTAURANT LABONE ACCRA, DINE UNDER NATURE

It took some time before our food arrived. I knew it was 55 cedis for the meal but the waiter told us otherwise and had to pay 60 cedis instead. Got home filled with excitement to enjoy my meal only to be disappointed. I opened the pack and it did not look as inviting as expected. The rice and coleslaw tasted okay but the grilled chicken left a bad reaction in my mouth. In summary, I did not fully enjoy my meal. ZEN GARDEN RESTAURANT LABONE ACCRA, DINE UNDER NATURE

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