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Trip to the West.

For many months I wondered where to travel to for my first staycation and after several consultations, we decided on the WESTERN REGIONThe plan was to spend a week in the western region with the days spread out in Takoradi, Axim, Essiama and Benyin.

Kan and I now had to budget for the duration which included accommodation, places to visit and their prices and most importantly transportation to and fro the various locations.

There were many options to pick from but we went with one which seemed to be at the mid-point of all our.


I have planned trips but nothing prepared me for this planning. On all previous trips, the plans were for a day but this was for a week in a region new to me but familiar to Kan since he is from there. I had to consider:

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Transportation.
  3. Food.
  4. Places to visit
  5. Itinerary.
  6. Safety and health.
  7. Cashflow and mobile money vendors.
  8. Gears 
  9. Accommodation.
  10. Duration.


Luckily, I had a fair idea of where to visit and all that was left was information on the gate fees at the respective places. I got them off google maps and was good to go. 


  • Nzulezu (silt village).
  • Fort Apollonia.
  • Fort Metal Cross
  • Maaha Beach Resort
  • Gulf Of Guinea Guest House

Travel Experience

Having in mind the hours, we set off late in the night for Takoradi. It was exciting for me because I did not expect to see a busy Kaneshie station at that time filled with travellers going to various destinations. We paid for our tickets and off we were with plans to sleep for the entire drive. We arrived at 2:30 am at an empty Takoradi bus station, we asked for directions to the Essiama station to continue our journey. Now this was the interesting partis that back in Accra taxis take 4 passengers but to my surprise, the taxi had seats for 7 passengers

The drive was chilly and dark from Takoradi, to say the least. Although we saw a few pockets of light along the way it was not encouraging considering how deserted the towns looked. It was a 2 hours journey to our guest house.

Upon arrival, there was a mix-up with our rooms so we had to do with a different room and by noon it was resolved. They thought we would arrive in the afternoon and not at dawn so our room was not reserved.

Morning came early but I was too tired to start exploring so we slept in that Monday and planned the trips. The guest house did not have an in-house restaurant which meant we had to go to town to get food and that is how our 1-week vacation began.

The journey has begun and you do not want to miss out on details of the destinations and as always, the drama surrounding them. I mean I got sick as we were touring Nzulezu and……………. Buckle up for more.

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