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Wek Guesthouse is a hidden and serene place to stay. In a time when hotels and guesthouse’s room prices keep changing I was pleasantly surprised when theirs had not changed. That is, I made enquires 3 months before my visit and I was happy to know.For the greater part of this year, travels have been to heritage sites as that is where I learn the history of Ghana.

However, diversity is a welcomed feature of what I do and that is how I found myself at Wek Guesthouse. The guesthouse as I mentioned in my intro is hidden, there was not a single direction sign to the guesthouse till I got to the entrance of the destination. That notwithstanding, the Wek guesthouse is easy to arrive at with the help of google maps. All one has to do is type it on google maps or better yet call their number for direction if you are going by public transport.


The ride was smooth from Madina through to media, Adjen Kotoku and finally to the guesthouse. I had a picture of the guesthouse from pictures on google maps, I am yet to experience disappointment upon arriving at a location and seeing the opposite of what I expected. The guest house is right behind a huge bottling company. WEK GUEST HOUSE, A HIDDEN SERENE AND AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION

At the entrance of the building, I saw their poster on the wall welcoming you. I made my way to the receptionist, a female I spoke with days before my arrival to book the room and direct me on which cars to board. She received me well and lead me to my room. At the reception, you can buy bottles of juice, water or alcohol at an affordable price. As I walked behind her to my room I made noticed some blooming flowers which to me added to the beauty and serenity of the Wek guesthouse.

It gave me a homely feeling and also fresh air to calm me throughout your stay. WEK GUEST HOUSE, A HIDDEN SERENE AND AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION

The only downside is that it shares a wall with a school and it was a bit noisy during school time. The room price ranges from 80 cedis to 120 cedis. The 80 cedis comes with a ceiling fan and that of the 120 comes with air conditioning. Below are the various amenities at the guest house. The rooms are relatively big for their prices. The bed was a bit uncomfortable to sleep on due to the leather covering of the mattress.

  1. Television
  2. Aircondition
  3. Free Car Park

Although the Wek Guesthouse does not have a restaurant, I did not struggle with getting food. With my experience from my 2 weeks stay at Nzema, where I packed shito and fante kenkey etc. I bought snacks from home and then got beverages when I arrived. I am not used to eating out so I make sure I have snacks. You will get food at the junction or you can go to town to buy it.WEK GUEST HOUSE, A HIDDEN SERENE AND AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION


In all, I enjoyed my stay and I recommend it to you. Just book your stay and thank me later. I suggest they get a convenience store such that guests will not have to go out to buy. And also, all rooms should have blankets irrespective of the room. It was very cold and I had no blanket or cloth. I had to go request one and sadly, I did not get it. Rather got a thin cloth which made no difference to the situation. To sum it up, I left there with a smile on my face and pending articles typed.

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