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At the beach resort, you get a look at treasure island, one of the most famous resorts and recreational sites in the country. Again, they have speed boats or cruise boats for small groups at a very affordable price at the resort. TSARLEY KORPEY BEACH RESORT, AFFORDABLE RATES & PRICES

Perhaps my dislike at the beach resort will be their conference-like seats, they looked worn out and very uncomfortable. And also, the tables, you will have to lean in to eat. There were few seats available at tsarley kporpyi and also there was a group having a get-together which meant we had to be moved to a different seating area. The washroom at the beach resort is neat.


  1. Outdoor Pool,
  2. Restaurant.
  3. Bar.
  4. Boat Riding / Canoe.
  5. Free Parking
  6. Child Friendly
  7. Free Wi-Fi
  8. We ordered fried rice with grilled chicken and jollof rice also with grilled chicken. The food did not take long to be served and it tasted good and the quantity was enough.

A plate went for 45 cedi which is average as compared to other restaurants. A room goes for a little above 100 dollars. TSARLEY KORPEY BEACH RESORT, AFFORDABLE RATES & PHOTOS

Aside from visiting the Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort you can visit

  1. The Ghana Sailing Club]
  2. Skylimit Resort
  3. Treasure Island
  4. Maks Resort
  5. Aqua Safari.
  6. Barefoot Beach Resort

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