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When I become wealthy, I will buy a beach house and paint it blue with glass windows and an open kitchen complementing the view. That is how much I love the sea and beaches, although I am yet to learn how to swim. Ada is one of the many coastal towns in the Greater Accra region with many beach rental homes and is home to the Ghana Sailing Club.

Aside from visiting the Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort, you can visit

  1. The Ghana Sailing Club]
  2. Skylimit Resort
  3. Treasure Island
  4. Maks Resort
  5. Aqua Sarari.
  6. Barefoot Beach Resort

I mostly visit historical sites so this is new to me plus what better way to start the year than trying new things right? Tsarley Korpey Beach Resort was on last year’s travel plan but I could not visit due to my busy schedule. It is one of the many beach resorts in big Ada and famous for its beachfront view. As we left home all I had in mind was ‘relaxation’ and enjoying sweet coconut juice.

We set off around 8 am to a station under construction therefore we had difficulty in locating the right troski to board. For 23 cedi each we got on board and the journey began. But be prepared to be delayed on the Tema road due to traffic and passengers getting on and off and also the driver may give you to another if passengers heading to Sogakope is more than that which is going to Big Ada at no extra cost to you.

At the last stop, you can either walk to the location with the help of a Google map or get on a motorbike for 3 cedis. I opted for the motor ride because I had no energy to walk, I had nothing in my stomach and feared the worst if I trek.

The Tsarley Kporpyi Beach Resort is a cute place with a calming aura, your ideal place to escape from your worries by just staring into the sea and listening to it move. The pool is side is spacious enough for a small group and it has poolside seats for you to relax on.

At the beach resort, you get a look at treasure island, one of the most famous resorts and recreational sites in the country. Again, they have speed boats or cruise boats for small groups at a very affordable price at the resort. TSARLEY KORPEY BEACH RESORT, A BEAUTIFUL BEACHFRONT IN ADA.

Perhaps my dislike at the beach resort will be their conference-like seats, they looked worn out and very uncomfortable. And also, the tables, you will have to lean in to eat. There were few seats available at tsarley kporpyi and also there was a group having a get-together which meant we had to be moved to a different seating area. The washroom at the beach resort is neat.

Facilities Available

  1. Outdoor Pool,
  2. Restaurant.
  3. Bar.
  4. Boat Riding / Canoe.

We ordered fried rice with grilled chicken and jollof rice also with grilled chicken. The food did not take long to be served and it tasted good and the quantity was enough.

A plate went for 45 cedi which is average compared to most restaurants.

Good music accompanied with good food and company got me enjoying myself. We stayed for over 2 hours and had to set off to beat the traffic on the Tema road. TSARLEY KORPEY BEACH RESORT, A BEAUTIFUL BEACHFRONT IN ADA.

In all I recommend the place to everyone, you will enjoy your stay. The beach resort is under construction so do not worry if it does not meet your expectations. I for one will visit soon when construction is completed. 

I suggest comfortable seats be replaced in the meantime as they are under construction. Aside from that, I do recommend this destination, especially for video commercials and photoshoots. A day well spent at TSARLEY KORPEY BEACH RESORT, A BEAUTIFUL BEACHFRONT IN ADA.

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