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Travels To Adome Bridge Gardens

The Akosombo township can boast of several beautifully designed sized hotels, tourist sites, beaches and restaurants low on the pocket and quality assured. I have made it a point to visit most of it and share with you my experience. I was there in January but was caught up with work and could not explore so I made it a point to return and have fun.  What makes me love Akosombo is its beautiful landscape and the mountains. I searched it up on google maps to see how long it would take me to get there and places I can visit whiles there. Join me as I chronicle to you my experience at the ADOME BRIDGE GARDENS.

Travel Time

As I always point out to you the times are estimated based on your mode of transportation and your set off time.

  • MADINA.                        2 Hours
  • KOFORIDUA.                  1 HOUR 58 Minutes.         
  • ADUKOROM.                  57 Minutes.
  • HO.                                 1 HOUR 26 Minutes.
  • ACCRA MALL.                 1 HOUR  51 Minutes.
  • DANSOMAN.                 2 HOURS 27Minutes.

Travel Experience

The trip to Akosombo was a smooth one, the initial set off time was 6 am but the weather had its own plan and delayed us for 30 minutes. This was the first trip I’d been on and it rained before set off, I forgot we were in the rainy season; therefore, I entreat you always check the weather forecast before planning a trip for a better experience. At the Madina station, 2 options are a straight trotro to Akosombo or a car to Somanya going for different prices. We went with the Akosombo air-conditioned car going for 19 cedis per person and of we went. There was not much traffic considering how early we set off but was surprised at the extent of the rain as it went as far as Oyibi and neighbouring towns. Like many parts of the country, Somanya is known for its large (salo mango) farms scattered across the township. We saw a lot of it on the roadsides, we also saw beautiful mountains of all sizes, houses on mountains and hills, clouds of interesting shapes.

The roads are motorable all the way to Adome, once you arrive at Kpong you will see a railway construction ongoing and see the sea as you drive into Adome.  You will see women hawking their goods ranging from snail kebab, fried shrimps, fried “one man thousand” and the popular ABOOLO. Now all these listed are a to get when at Adome, you cannot go there without buying any, that is what connects you to the township and not to forget buying mango at Somanya. The people there are a mixture of Ewes, Ga and the Akwamu’s. There are also a few secondary schools privately owned and publicly owned. They have beaches, restaurants, and recreational centres also.


Adome bridge

We were there for almost an hour and did not see any sign of a food vendor, rather they sell alcoholic beverages at their drinking spot just as you enter descend to their grounds. We asked if we could go out to buy food and come back to eat there without having to pay and were told that once we step out, we will have to pay again which I was confused at. Then again, I had snacks in my bag and that served us well till hunger set in and we left. Just outside the premises, you will have a lot of options to pick from so we did that and had our fills.


The ambience is perfect with the mountainous weather and landscape with the river right before you. The centre is just at the bank of the river and looks up to the iconic Adome bridge. As I looked around, I felt at peace and enjoyed the fresh air and the sounds of cars driving on the bridge and watching people on boat cruises. All in all, it is the one place you can be to have the best view of River Volta, watch people jog on the bridge and those on canoe rides. The garden has this beauty to it with the animals to view and the horse rides.

Adome Bridge Garden Activities

They have some activities like the:

  • Horse riding
  • Boat cruise
  • Volleyball
  • Lawn tennis
  • Bow and arrow
  • Swimming pool
  • Snooker table
  • Trampoline


  • Entrance Fee                      5 Cedis Per Head.
  • Boat Cruise                      50 Cedis Per Head.
  • Couples Boat Cruise     250 Cedis Per Couple.

Note that the 5 cedi entrance fee covers all activities except the boat cruise

Payment Mode

Like many other indigenous places, they accept cash only


I love good music so trust me when I say that their playlist was SOO good that I found myself in my seat grooving to the songs. Keeping your customers entertained is very important and they did it very well with a mix of trendy Ghanaian and Nigerian songs comprised of the new and old. The workers were ready to assist when called on and that is a good way to foster relations and retain customers.

Disabilty Friendly

As it is a mountainous area the entrance is not disability friendly. you will have to lift the carry a handicapped individual down to the gardens and from there they can enjoy the place on their own. I hope they make an entrance for the handicapped so they can have access to the place with no assistance

It is a child-friendly place and also for family and friends and good for wedding receptions, commercials, and photoshoot sessions.

All in all, we had a very good time as we stayed there for over an hour and a half hour enjoying the environment. On my next visit, I will book a room for a better appreciation of the town

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