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Travel Tips For Egypt – The Top 20 Useful Things You Need to Know

Travel Tips For Egypt – The Top 20 Useful Things You Need to Know

Travelling to Egypt is an amazing experience and it should be enjoyed with enthusiasm and excitement. To make the most of your visit, here are the top 20 things you need to know: pack lightweight, comfortable, breathable clothing; learn some basic Arabic phrases; research sites thoroughly before visiting; get good travel insurance coverage; bring plenty of bottled water and snacks; arrange a guide or driver if needed; book in advance where possible; stay safe at all times, practice common-sense safety precautions while travelling throughout the country; take special care when taking photos or videos; and leave some room in your luggage for purchases you’ll inevitably want to take home! Start packing today – the adventure awaits!

Apply For An E-Visa

Applying for an E-visa is a convenient way to get our Egyptian tourist visa in advance. The E- Visa application takes roughly 5-7 working days to be approved. You will need a valid passport for at least 6 months before the date of your planned trip to the country. Alternatively, if denied you can get a visa once you arrive at the airport in Egypt. One advantage of getting an E-Visa is that it saves space on your passport. The disadvantage is if denied it will cost you more and you may need a middleman to assist you.

Drink Bottled Water to Avoid Chlorine

Drinking tap water in Egypt is highly not recommended. This is because water plants in and around Cairo heavily chlorinate the supply so the water is relatively safe to drink. Tourists and locals recommend you purchase bottled water or drink treated or purified water. 

Travel Insurance 

The necessity for travel insurance can never be undermined. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation. Tourists are required to purchase a medical travel insurance policy which covers their entire stay. It was not a requirement for foreigners to show proof of their travel insurance until the pandemic. Travel insurance can cover medical costs, holiday cancellations, lost luggage, and theft. Most especially, you will need it if you will be travelling to small cities.

Local Sim Card

Local sim cards are very important to travelers as not all countries allow roaming services. The easiest way to buy a prepaid sim in Egypt is to buy one at the airport upon arrival. There are kiosks at every airport in Egypt which sells to tourists. Alternatively, you can buy them at mobile shops found at tourist destinations. You will need your passport when buying the sim as they will use it to register for a prepaid sim. Make sure to confirm your details, insert the sim card into your phone immediately, and check the voice and date package before leaving the store. It is advised to buy from a mobile store, that way if there are issues they will be able to assist and rectify them. Travel Tips For Egypt

Dress Conservatively 

Culture is a way of life and as such dressing conservatively is a way of life in Egypt, especially for women. For female tourists, you are to respect the culture and dress to fit into the culture. Egyptian women typically wear loose, long sleeve tops with high necklines. They do not wear mini skirts or show any form of cleavage. Pack clothes that cover from your shoulder to below your knee. You also need to pack scarves and sunglasses. These clothes will come in handy when visiting the pyramids or any traditional destinations. Travel Tips For Egypt

Learn Some Arabic Words.

One amazing thing about travelling is that you get to appreciate the beauty of language. A language is an essential tool that connects people and gives them a sense of belongingness. To fully enjoy your vacation, you need to learn a few Arabic words. It not only makes you communicate better it adds to your language journal. Words and phrases like 

As – aalaam alaikum: Peace be upon you. Sabah al-khair: Good Morning Habibi: My Love. Jameela: Beautiful. Shukran: Thank you. Lazeeza: Delicious. Min Fadlik: Please Laa: No Naam: Yes

Tipping is Expected

Tipping is a standard practice in Egypt. They believe it is a way of showing your satisfaction with the service rendered and good etiquette. If you are happy with a server, you are to tip. The standard tip is between 10 to 15 %. However, the amount will depend on where you are and what service rendered. A restaurant may have an additional service charge on your bill. Hand an Egyptian pound or two when next in Egypt. Travel Tips For Egypt


Travel When Not Ramadan

For purposes of exploring the numerous destinations in Egypt, it is not recommended to travel during the Ramadan season. As an Islamic country, tourist site opening times will not be favorable to tourists who want to visit during the day. Again, tourists will have to dress more modestly during this season, and drinking in public will be frowned upon also. Nonetheless, it has beauty to it as that is the best time to see the generous side of Egyptians. Tourists get to have free space to tour as it will not be crowded with people and also have good nighttime when they break their fast. I will say, it is a double edge option. Travel Tips For Egypt

Bills and Prices are Not the Same

There seems to be an unspoken price for locals and tourists. The best practice is to keep enough cash on you to tip when needed. It can be a hassle if you are a first-timer in the country. Tourists recommend you have a local to be your tour guide to avoid an unwanted scene. Also, as mentioned earlier restaurants charge service charges aside from meal prices.

Present Money in Your Right Hand

When giving money or gifts present them with both hands or with your right hand only. Again, avoid giving flowers as gifts. Flowers are often reserved for weddings or during mourning. Presenting money or gifts with the right-hand show’s respect and appreciation for their culture and customs. The right hand is used more often than the left hand in Egypt. Travel Tips For Egypt


There is A Lot to See Besides the Pyramids.

Egypt is famous for its Pyramids and museums. Nonetheless, there are numerous places to tour in Egypt. You can visit 10 of their famous cities during your stay. Tourists get overwhelmed with visiting the famous pyramids of Giza and taking a Camel ride on the desert that they end up loosing sight of the many destinations in the country. Do not make that mistake, do your research in advance and make a travel itinerary .  Travel Tips For Egypt

  1. White Desert
  2. Siwa Oasis
  3. Abu Simbel
  4. Valley of the Kings
  5. Temple of Hatshepsut
  6. Luxor Temple
  7. Aswan Nile River Cruise

Additional Tips

Be sure to get your vaccinations before you go and research any travel warnings from official sources.

Familiarize yourself with the local customs and cultural norms to adhere out of respect for the citizens.

Exchange enough money for your visit to cover all essential expenses – though not too much for safety once there. Travel Tips For Egypt

Plan your accommodation in advance so that when you arrive you are ready to explore!

Be aware of pickpockets; do not keep valuables such as passport or camera out of sight in public areas and use registered taxis instead of walking alone at night. Travel Tips For Egypt

Make sure that you have a dedicated contact back home that can help if something unexpected comes up or if anything occurs on the ground. Travel Tips For Egypt

Bring comfortable footwear as well as appropriate clothing – especially if travelling during hot months when it’s important to cover up exposed skin. Travel Tips For Egypt

Healthcare provisions might be lacking depending on where you go – be sure to arrange the necessary medical insurance prior to departure.

Bring sunscreen (SPF 30+) strong sunglasses, hats and umbrella due to the weather

Visiting Egypt is an amazing opportunity, so make sure you become familiar with the top 20 useful things to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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