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 Mountains add to the beauty of every community. I have climbed one out of the 8 mentioned below. Endurance is the key to hiking on these mountains. The Volta and Eastern regions have most of the mountains in the country. What keeps hikers going when on the mountains is the stunning consolation view at the peak. The view at the summit of Mount Afadjato made my 1-hour hike up worth it. What are you waiting for? Add these to your bucket list and get climbing. Below are some of the highest mountains in Ghana, their festivals, and hotels you can lodge in. 

  • Mount Afadjato.

This is the highest and most hiked mountain in Ghana. Located in the Volta region, Mount Afadjato is located near a border town in Togo (Late Wote and Gbledi Gbogame in the Afadjato south district.) and is about 178 kilometers northwest of Accra. Its summit is 885 meters above sea level. One of the common mistakes people make is when they try to pronounce the name. The mountain’s name is Afadja whiles ‘to’ in the ewe language means mountain. So, one cannot say ‘mountain Hike On The Highest Mountain In Ghana; Mount Afadjato. Afadjato which simply means ‘mountain Afadja mountain. The name was derived from the ewe word ‘Avadzeto’ which meant war with the bush. It is located in the Agamatse range. The people in the community. The Afadzo Agumadza festival is celebrated annually to promote the town’s eco-tourism to all. It is a 45-minute hike up. One can lodge at Kiki’s Court. And also visit nearby tourist sites like Mount Gemi, Tagbo Falls, Wli Waterfalls, and Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary.You can also lodge at the Wli Waterfalls lodge

  • Mount Gemi
mount gemi
mount geni.

Located in Amedzofe it has the highest human settlement above sea level 2400 feet. The mountain has a height of 777 meters above sea level. Located in Amedzofe with about 3,000 Ghanaians, Mount Gemi is one the highest mountain in Ghana. The peak of the mountain is a short climb from the Amedzofe town and at the very peak is a tall cross made of iron erected by German Missionaries in1939. For a 20 minutes hike, it is an ideal hiking ground for many tourists. At the peak of the mountain, you can see Lake Volta and see some mountains of Togo and the border town. For the best views, tourists recommend you visit from March through to October as that is the rainy season. You can buy food from the local market. You can lodge at Hotel Agbeviade whiles you tour the township. Some festivals celebrated in the community include the Amu festival (brown rice), the Kente festival and the Yam festival. They are ewes. The Tour fee for Ghanaian adults is 10 cedi. 

  • Mountain Adaklu
mount adaklu
mount Adaklu

This mountain is 12 kilometers from Ho in the Volta region and is one of the highest mountains in Ghana. Its height is 580 meters above sea level. The mountain is surrounded by ewe speaking villages like the Helekpe village, sikama, Avanyaviwofe, Abuadi, and Goefe villages. Kordiabe village is seen as a convenient resting place when climbing the mountain as it is a quarter way up from the Helekpe path. It is located in the Adaklu district in the Agamatse range like Mountain Afadjato. The hike is a 3-hour journey to the summit and you get to see beautiful species of butterflies and birds, giant snails, and monkeys. Adaklu is noted for its wild bees and below the foot of the mountain is the Kalakpa Resource Reserve. Although it’s a ewe speaking community you will find locals who speak English to give you a tour. The Glimetoto festival is an annual festival celebrated in November in the community

  • Atwea Mountain
Atwea Mountains.

This mountain is located in Atwea in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region. It was first discovered by a Methodist priest Rev Abraham Osei Assibey in the year 1964. The mountain can be found in the Abaasua community. The Atwea mountain is known for it is believed religious and supernatural powers. It is one of the visited mountains by believers of all religions. There is a prayer camp on top of the mountain where pilgrims sleep and pray. it is popular for holding prayer camps and healing services for Christians. Many believe that they can get closer to God and have prayers answered when they visit the mountain. You can also lodge at the Buffalo Royal Hotel and Restaurant. They celebrate Awasidae and Bra fie Afahy3 in the district.

  • Mountain Dzebobo.

This is the second-highest mountain in Ghana with a height of 876 meters above sea level. It is located in the Akwapim -Togo Range right on the border of Togo but situated in the Nkwanta Municipal district in the Oti Region. At the peak of the mountain, you get a panoramic view of Volta Lake and a variety of tropical plants and animals. The mountain is located just a few kilometres south of Kyabobo National Park. they also celebrate the Yam festival. You can also lodge at the Jehons Hotel.

  • Atiwiredu Mountain

It is one of the highest mountains in Ghana and is 783 meters above sea level. it is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana in the Akyem – Abuakwa District. This mountain is part of the Atwea range forest reserve. It has a variety of butterflies and birds like the afep pigeon, flycatcher, and bristle ball amongst others. The view from the peak is beautiful. The people of Abuakwa celebrate the Ohm festival. You can also lodge at the Sanders Garden Hotel. TOP 8 HIGHEST MOUNTAINS IN GHANA AND THEIR LOCATION.

  • Mount Kwamisa

This is the 4th tallest mountain in Ghana with a height of 2,479 feet and is found in the Ashanti region in the Kwamisa community. It lies near the Kwamisa forest reserve. The Opro river forest reserve and the Asufu shelterbelt are near the mountain. You can lodge at the Orange Hotel . TOP 8 HIGHEST MOUNTAINS IN GHANA AND THEIR LOCATION.

  • Mountain Edouka.

This is the mountain that separates both Ghana and Togo with jungle and all kinds of animals and reptiles. It is the 5th tallest mountain in Ghana and is 785 meters above sea level. The mountain is located in the volta region of Ghana. Its location extends into Badou in Togo. Monkeys, snakes, and lizards can be found on this mountain. it is located in the Kajebi district in the Volta region. The tropical climate of the region allows the growth of a wide range of flora and fauna. You can lodge at Ahamasu Community Guesthouse. They annually celebrate the Dawurokese festival. TOP 8 HIGHEST MOUNTAINS IN GHANA AND THEIR LOCATION.

Thank you for reading and I hope you climb on them soon. 

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