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The Volta Region like other regions has many tourist sites for both local and foreign tourists to visit. it is an untapped region for me as I am yet to fully explore and discover it. the region is known as one of the eco-tourism regions in the country. below are tourist sites you need to visit when next you visit the region.

Mount Afadjato


This is the highest and most hiked mountain in Ghana. Located in the volta region, Mount Afadjato is located near a border town in Togo (Liate Wote and Gbledi Gbogame in the Afadjato south district.) and is about 178 kilometers northwest of Accra. Its summit is 885 meters above sea level. One of the common mistakes people make is when they try to pronounce the name. The mountain’s name is Afadja whiles ‘to’ in the ewe language means mountain. So, one cannot say ‘mountain Afadjato which simply means ‘mountain Afadja mountain. The name was derived from the ewe word ‘Avadzeto’ which meant war with the bush. It is located in the Agamatse range. The people in the community. The Afadzo Agumadza festival is celebrated annually to promote the town’s eco-tourism to all. It is a 45-minute hike up. One can lodge at Kiki’s Court. And also visit nearby tourist sites like Mount Gemi, Tagbo Falls, Wli Waterfalls, and Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary. THE TOP 7 TOURIST SITES TO VISIT IN THE VOLTA REGION, GHANA

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village

monkey sanctuary
monkey sanctuary

In 1996, the inhabitants began protecting the monkeys as it was believed they were descendants of the gods. The sanctuary can boast about 200 monkeys and various species of birds and butterflies. For visitors who would like to sleep over, the sanctuary has a guest house with 6 rooms to accommodate you. These rooms have the basic amenities to make your stay enjoyable. Opens on all days from 6 am to 6 pm. You can visit on the 2nd of every January to join in the celebration of the Doyitsotsoto and witness culture at its best. You can lodge at Mountain Paradise Lodge. The Tour fee for Ghanaians is 20 cedi and 50 cedis for non-Ghanaian adults.

Wli Agamatse Waterfall.

wli falls
wli waterfalls.

Located on the Wli Fodome Hohoe road, this beautiful waterfall is a 45-minute hike. Tour guides are patient with slow hikers but constantly encourage tourists to pick up their pace. The waterfall is a beauty to behold and as such, it is always packed with tourists. It rains often without warning so be ready to get soaked when that happens. You can lodge at Wli Waterfall Heights Hotel. Tour fee of 15 cedis per Ghanaian adult. THE TOP 7 TOURIST SITES TO VISIT IN THE VOLTA REGION, GHANA

Fort Prinzestein, Keta

fort in Keta

Many know little of the happening of the slave trade in the Volta region. Like all slave trade stories and its buildings, the fort has many historic artefacts in memory of the struggles the slaves went through. The place has been renovated to attract more visitors. Although part of the fort has been washed away by the sea, there is still a greater part left. To date, shackles and original chains can be seen at the fort. There is a gallery where tourists get to see the original picture of the fort. You can lodge at Aborigines Beach Resort whiles on your tour. The Tour fee for Ghanaian adults is 25 cedis and 50 for non-Ghanaians. THE TOP 7 TOURIST SITES TO VISIT IN THE VOLTA REGION, GHANA

Cape St. Paul Lighthouse.


Almost similar to the Jamestown lighthouse, this historic lighthouse stands tall to date in Anglo. Built-in the year 1901 in Woe, it has a skeletal pyramid base with the upper third enclosed and houses the lantern and galleria. It was used in the past to direct ships at night and is alleged to be the oldest lighthouse in the country. On top of the tower, you get to see the beautiful Keta township and beautiful sandy beaches and resorts. You can lodge at Bulls and Achor Inn whiles you tour the township. Tour fee of 10 cedis

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Mount Gemi

mount gemi

Located in Amedzofe with about 3,000 Ghanaians, Mount Gemi is one the highest mountain in Ghana. The peak of the mountain is a short climb from the Amedzofe town and at the very peak is a tall cross made of iron erected by German Missionaries in1939. For a 20 minutes hike, it is an ideal hiking ground for many tourists. At the peak of the mountain, you can see Lake Volta and see some mountains of Togo and the border town. For the best views, tourists recommend you visit from March through to October as that is the rainy season. You can buy food from the local market. You can lodge at Hotel Agbeviade whiles you tour the township. The Tour fee for Ghanaian adults is 10 cedi. 

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Ote Waterfalls and Canopy Walk.


Amedzofe is one of the highest human settlements in Ghana. Located in the Ho West District in the Volta region. The town has many tourist sites for visitors to choose from. That is, they can go to Mount Gemi, Amedzofe caves and Ote waterfall and canopy walk. The hike up the waterfall is a 25-minute walk from the reception, unlike that of Afadjato which is a 45-minute hike. The canopy walks have 240 staircases above the Ote waterfall. A beautiful experience I must say. You can lodge at Abraerica Hospitality whiles your tour. THE TOP 7 TOURIST SITES TO VISIT IN THE VOLTA REGION, GHANA

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