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TOP 6 CANOPY WALKS IN GHANA .Canopy staircases or walks are steadily creeping into tourist destination sites in Ghana. It is either fused within an existing tourist destination or built as part of a tourist destination. Canopy walks are always plummeted many feet above the ground and appeal to daredevils and people with a fear of heights to overcome it. The first canopy walk in Ghana can be found at Kakum national park . It has the length of 350 meters and 30 meters above the ground. I have walked on 4 canopy walks in the country . Are you a daredevil or a curious person? Let us take steps under my list TOP 6 CANOPY WALKS IN GHANA, TAKE A BOLD STEP WITH NATURE..

 1.Kakum National Park.

Canopy walk in Kakum National Park.

The national park is located in the coastal environs of the Central Region of Ghana. It was established in the year 1931 as a reserve and was gazette as a national park in 1992 and covers an area of 375 square kilometers. The park is home to many animals and a wide variety of birds. It was established at the initiative of the people and the area is covered with tropical forest. The canopy walk was constructed in 1995. The canopy walk is 350 meters in length and connects seven tree tops which provide access to the forest. The canopy walk is suspended 30 meters above the ground. A fee of 61 cedis allows you to walk on the canopy and an entry fee of 2 cedis to enter the Kakum national park There are other activities you can try at the park, eat at the restaurant, and buy a souvenir. The people in the Assin community celebrate the Fetu Afahye on the first Saturday in September. You can also lodge at their tree house. Alternatively, you can lodge at Rains Forest Lodge. TOP 6 CANOPY WALKS IN GHANA, TAKE A BOLD STEP WITH NATURE.

2. Bunso Eco Park

bunso park canopy walk
bunso park canopy walk

Bunso Eco Park is located in Nsutem off the Suhum Kumasi road. The park is one of the emerging family fun parks in the country alongside the likes of Legon Botanical Garden and Aburi Garden. The Bunso Eco Park is a beautiful 40-acre forest reserve with many tree species, and a herb garden and if you are lucky you get to see some butterflies. The park is an 86-year-old park started in 1935by 2 British men. Compared to Kakum, it was not windy to cause the canopy to move. It is a 5-level tree top walk with the 3rd level caved in. An entry fee of 5 cedis and a canopy walk fee of 25 cedis. This is the 2nd highest canopy walk after Kakum. The people in Koforidua celebrate the Akwantukese festival. You eat and lodge at the park or the Linda Dor rest stop or the Eastern View Guesthouse.

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3. Legon Botanical Gardens

legon canopy
legon botanical gardens

The garden has the widest canopy walkway in Ghana with a great view for patrons. The canopy walk is 13 meters high and 138 meters long. It has 5 difficult levels. Some levers are suspended over peninsulas and islands. An entry fee of 15 cedis for adults and 25 cedis to walk on the canopy. There are other activities you try like rope climbing and canoe riding. The Ga people celebrate Homowo. You can eat at Tayiba Restaurant and lodge at Mensvic Hotel. 

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4. Ote Waterfall.

ote waterfall

Amedzofe is one of the highest human settlements in Ghana. Located in the Ho West District in the Volta region. The town has many tourist sites for visitors to choose from. That is, they can go to Mount Gemi, Amedzofe caves and Ote waterfall and canopy walk. The hike up the waterfall is a 25-minute walk from the reception, unlike that of Afadjato which is a 45-minute hike. The canopy walks have 240 staircases above the Ote waterfall. A beautiful experience I must say. You can lodge at Abraerica Hospitality whiles your tour. The people of Avatime celebrate Amu Festival (rice festival). Tour fee of 10 cedis.

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5. Kintampo Waterfall

kintampo water falls canopy
kintampo waterfall canopy

The waterfall is one of the highest in the country located in the Bono region of Ghana. It was formerly known as Sanders Falls during the colonial days and is located on the Pumpum River. The waterfall is about 70 meters from the 3 main drops it is formed at. The canopy walk measures 170 meters long. An entry fee of 10 cedis for adults and 20 cedis to walk on the canopy. The canopy walk was inaugurated in 2019 and offers visitors stunning views of the falls. You can lodge at the Royal Diamond Hotel and eat there. The people of Kintampo celebrate the Benkadi Kurubi festival and is celebrated by the Wangara community in Ghana. TOP 6 CANOPY WALKS IN GHANA, TAKE A BOLD STEP WITH NATURE.

6. Peninsula Resort Akosombo

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As part of the many activities at the resort, the canopy walks hang on 15 concrete pillars, unlike the traditional tree support. This canopy walk is currently the longest in Ghana and West Africa. it measures 550 meters long and 38 meters elevated above ground level and gives tourists a breathtaking view of the Volta Lake. This is the first artificial support a canopy has in Ghana because of the absence of a forest reserve. Just like the canopy walk, this was completed in 2019. To walk on the canopy coasts around 50 cedis or more. The people of Akwamu celebrate the Apafram festival. You can lodge and eat at the resort or the Akosombo Continental Hotel.

Adventuring is healthy provided it is done safely. Canopy walk in a forest, see tree tops, water splashing on you as you walk on stairs. What more can one ask for aside from connecting with nature? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading. TOP 6 CANOPY WALKS IN GHANA, TAKE A BOLD STEP WITH NATURE.

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