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Open markets are parts of Ghana’s economic makeupTrading was done in a batter trade form, where goods and services were exchanged amongst persons for another which were at the same value as what they had. As trading expanded and liberalized, people began trading their goods and services in exchange for cowries known as cedie. This later became our currency. All the regions in the country have a major market and many minor markets. Each market is known for its peculiar goods and market days. Below are some of the biggest markets in the country.

  • Kotobraba Market
central region

The name Kotokuaba means ‘crab village ‘. It is believed to be derived from the early settlers who made their living from the abundance of crabs in the bay. The kotokuaba Market is one of the famous markets in the country located in the central region, Cape Coast. It is the largest market on the Cape coast. The central region happens to be the tourism hub of the country, the market is the economic hub of the region. The market has many stalls and shops located in it. 

At the premises, you will get busses to any part of town thanks to the transport yard on site. Many tourists visit there to shop and to have a feel of the local people in the region, maybe they can pick a few local words up. 

  • Market Circle, Takoradi.
takoradi market

This market is situated in the 3rd largest city in Ghana. This is the commercial hub of the Western Region. Many activities go in and around the market. The market got its name due to the shape it was formed on, a Circle. It is one of the busy markets in the region as a result of the Takoradi harbor. The market is not without those who sell in the open air. 

  • Kejetia Market.

This is also known as the Kumasi central market and is one of the biggest open-air markets in the country and the largest single market in West Africa. located in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. It has many table top vendors as compared to that of those in stalls. With a wide variety of thighs sold there, it is a preferable place for people to shop there than to go to small markets.

  • Kantamanto Market.

The Kantamanto Market is the hub of reselling used clothes. Most traders are of the typical Akan tribe. This market plays a big role in the informal revenue sector of the capital. There are many stalls which trade in reselling used clothing, shoes, bags, and anything you can think of. There are various sections of the market for every need of the customer. Although the early traders were mostly Akans, you are sure to find Ga people in the market. There are many bus stations at the market as also public washrooms and food vendors.

  • Makola Market
makola market

Similar to the Kantamanto Market, the Makola market is partly an open-air market and is located in the capital of the country. From foodstuffs to jewelry, one is assured to find a stall to buy from. Traders are mostly women. The market was constructed in 1924 and to date serves as the hub of retail and wholesale of goods in the country.  THE TOP 5 BIGGEST LOCAL MARKETS IN GHANA

For many indigenes of the city, shopping at an open-air market not only assure them of the best prices but also allows them to interact with traders. Be it tabletop or wholesalers. One can make mention the famous Makola market in the heart of Accra, the Agboboloshie market, the yam market, and the Madina market just to name a few. In these markets, one has to be ready to bargain for a good price. Visit any of these markets for an experience. They sell a variety of things provided you are ready to walk. I prefer the Makola market because it is closer.


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