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It comes as no surprise to me with the increasing number of beach resorts springing up in the Western Region precisely the coastal towns. You can make mention of Maaha Beach Resort, Karela Beach Resort, Axim Beach Resort and Spa, Kikam Beach Resort, Ankobra Beach, Busua Beach Resort, Lou Moon Resort- Eco Luxury etc.

The drive from where I was lodging to Tenack Beach Resort was proximately 40 minutes but what delayed me was the onboarding passengers and the car loading as it was public transport. The fare from Essiama to Beyin was 15 cedis in total. The locals speak Nzema and you have to alert anyone you speak to that you do not understand what they say and politely ask them to speak Twi.

As made mentioned in a previous article, it costs 40 to 42 cedis from kaneshi to Takoradi and 20 cedis Takoradi to Esiama, 7 cedis Esiama to Ekwie and finally, 6 cedis Ekwie to Beyin. It is a smooth ride from Accra to this place both with a private vehicle and public transport.

With that established, Tenack Beach Resort is located in Beyin within 3 minute’s drive to and from Nzulezu. It is on the right side of the road. With regards to covid 19 protocols, I was the only one with a mask on and although veronica buckets were provided there was no adherence to it or enforcement of the no mask no entry.

With the help of their easy-to-read directional signs, I made my way to the beach and seating area. The environment is peaceful, with the beach just under your feet. I descended down to the beach and saw many seating options which I found very playful. As it is a beach resort there are many coconut trees around and if you are lucky and a fruit falls you can pick it up

 They have facilities like……….

  1. Outdoor Pool
  2. Children Play Ground
  3. Tennis Court
  4. Hammock
  5. Swings

I made my way to their bar to order 2 bottles of malt to chill on as I relax and was glad to see the area was empty. I do not know why I have a thing for empty spaces to work in, probably it is because of my upbringing. TENACK BEACH RESORT & HOTEL PRICES AND PHOTOS, AN ALLURING VACATION STAY

A bottle of malt cost 7 cedi which to me was very affordable since I have bought same at other resorts at exorbitant prices.

Their rooms come in four options

  1.  Executive Room   620 cedis

Set of modern rooms, spacious with views of the ocean. Equipped with a queen-sized bed, TV, air conditioner, fridge, water heater and separate living rooms. TENACK BEACH RESORT & HOTEL PRICES AND PHOTOS, AN ALLURING VACATION STAY

  • Deluxe         450 cedis

          Spacious modern rooms with ocean view and equipped

          with a queen-sized bed, TV, air conditioner, fridge, water

          heater and a balcony

  • Standard        330 cedi

These rooms come with queen-sized beds, Television, an air conditioner, a fridge, and a water heater.

Their amenities are but not limited to Wi-Fi, Room service, Bathtub, Television.

It was just 1 female server in the area and she was paying more attention to her phone than to her customers therefore signalling for her attention provided futile. I had to get off my seat at the bar to call her attention to come take my food order.

I placed an order for a  beef sauce with plain rice as a safe option. The ordered food was served after 40 minutes, which to me was long. It was take-out as time was against me. I had a hard time chewing on the rice as it was very hard to start with and also the stew was almost salty with too many spices to my personal taste. I had to do away with the rice and eat fante kenkey with the stew.

To make reservations, you can book via their website or you can call in to make reservations. It is a nice place for a family vacation or a retreat. I suggest they get more waitresses and train them in keeping an eye on customers and to the cooks, they should cook their rice properly to make eating and digestion easy. TENACK BEACH RESORT & HOTEL PRICES AND PHOTOS, AN ALLURING VACATION STAY

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