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Good food they say do not have to be expensive and that was what I felt as I munched on my food from Tasty Trails Restaurant.. I rarely dine in at restaurants but decided to give it a try based on reviews I read off google maps . I use that stretch often to Pinocchio but never took notice of the restaurant until I had to enquire.

It is close to the Marwako Restaurant and a few minutes walk to the ANC mall. It is on the second floor of a building complex on the main road with their operational hours between the hours of 10: 00 am- 10:00 pm every day. You can dine-in, take out or place an order to be delivered to you at a fee.

The Tasty Trails Restaurant is small but airy, especially at night. There are nice food wallpapers which adds to the beauty of the place considering the size. There are 3 types of seats at the restaurant which works well for me. 

Also, you can simply walk into the restaurant and dine in. Note that for events such as birthdays, wedding showers etc. you will have to call in and book. I recommend booking as you will get good deals for the price of food for the number of people to attend. 

As said earlier, the purpose was to make enquiries and taste the food whiles at it. This was last year November. We got to the Tasty Trails Restaurant there a little after 8 pm, the place was almost empty with just a group of 5 guys waiting on their order. Having in mind the average wait time for a take-out order and the number of customers at the Tasty Tasty Trails Restaurant, we expected to be out in 20 minutes. But that was not the case. The restaurant felt dry to me, I mean I knew of their Instagram account and was expecting a vibrant feel to it but that was not the case. I was expecting more but was left dry as I walked in. 

Having placed our order for Jollof Rice with Fried Chicken for 25 cedis we made our way to our seats and the wait began. Times passed slowly with our food not ready. After 30 minutes, my friend approached the counter to find out their reason for the delay. He was informed that the chicken was now being fried and would be ready soon. I found it not unusual because most restaurants partially cook food and then when an order comes in, they fully prepare the meal. But then again, it was just 7 people and frying chicken does not take that long. 

Finally, after an hour’s wait, the food was ready and we made our way out. I was optimistic about the taste, considering it took an hour to prepare and fry chicken but that was not the case.

The chicken was crispy and had a golden colour to it but I did not get any juicy taste as I chewed on. Again, the rice was hard as though it was parboiled. The sauce had an average taste to it.

All in all, I was disappointed and unsatisfied with the service and food at the Tasty Trails Restaurant and made a mental note to visit a second time and make my judgement. This was made possible when on my birthday I got a surprise delivery from them by someone.

The packaging was nice and the aroma was pleasing. I unwrapped it and the whole family had their plates filled with a mix of Jollof, Fried rice, Fried Chicken, salad, and different sauces to go with.

It felt surreal considering I had plans of revisiting next month. Although my prejudice was at bay, I tried earing with an open mind to have a better perspective. This time, the Jollof tasted good so as the chicken and it was well cooked. I enjoyed the sauce also.

To sum it up, my second experience with their food made up for the first. With this said, I would revisit for a dine-in for a second take in their wait time. 

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