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SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE. This trip was long overdue and it was time to be struck off my list of places to visit in Ghana. The trip was delayed due to the nature of the road to the site. The most convenient would be to drive in one’s car to have the best of the trip. After constant postpending, I finally made the trip to SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE IN GHANA 

The Shia Hills Resource Reserve was established in the year 1962, covering an area of 42 square kilometres but now 51 square kilometres. The resource reserve is located in Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku district. It was made a game production reserve in the year 1971. This protected area was home to the Shia people before they were ejected in 1892.

My first trip was in 2000, it was a church trip. We toured the bat cave and saw the baboons running around. Not much had changed when I revisited. As mentioned in my introduction, the best mode of commuting would be with personal transport. Nonetheless, you can go by public transport by boarding a car to Ashiaman then pick a car to Doryumu and alight in Infront of the Shia Hills Resource Reserve. That is if you are coming from Madina and its environs.

It was a quick drive on a sunny Saturday morning, enjoying the familiar scenery and breeze. There was less traffic on the route thankfully. Visitors are welcomed by the baboons before arriving at the site. Luckily, the place was not crowded. Except for a few school and company buses parked on site.

A tour guide approached us and introduced himself but I could only recall his nickname ‘general’. He walked us to the activity board alongside its rates and guided us to selecting and then payment. I looked around to see the different species of medicinal plants and decorative plants, a juice bar station and baboons going about their business.

For the activities, I knew which ones I planned to do and for how many hours so that was easy. That is the museum, the zebra farm, the ostrich farm, the mogo hill and the snake farm. For an entry fee of 25 cedis for an hour I knew I needed another hour which was 5 cedi. I advise you to pay for 2 or 3 hours if you want to have a good feel for the activities.

Our tour began from the notice board on the compound which has all the information on the history of the Shai Hills Resource Reserve. It was well-detailed and boldly printed. The tour guide was audible and fluent as he told me the history and the animals


Next on the list was a visit to the zebras. I was thrilled to see zebras up close and at that moment I felt like a child whose dream had manifested. We took some pictures by the fence and luckily got the zebra in the frame. I saw 3 zebras at the farm grazing on the grass. He later led us to the ostrich farm not far from the zebra. It looked bigger up close compared to what I see on television. With long legs and a big body, the ostrich was a beautiful creature to look at.

We were informed that the hill was a 7-kilometre drive to the 2nd entrance of the reserve. We drove to the entrance, showed our ticket, and made our way to the hills. Without a personal car, you have to bargain with any of the taxis parked outside the park to drive you to and wait to drive you back. A costly trip.

Our guide kept on sharing with us the history of the place and the hill. I knew where I needed to take pictures so I did them as we climbed the hill. It was a hike up the hill with the help of a rope and the guidance of the guide on how to climb and the right posture. The hill had such an amazing view and I spotted a few antelopes going about their business. SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE IN GHANA

The hill also serves as a site for tent camping. I know I will be doing that on my next visit. The last activity was a trip to the museum. We had less than 20 minutes to end our tour. It had a lot of relics and artefacts. the place also has a library full of research and tapes. SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE IN GHANA

Thinking of tapping into the adventurous side of you I suggest you try their tent camping for 100 cedis or stay over at their guest house for 50 cedis or the ultimate luxury stay in their luxury tent for 600 cedis per night. SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE IN GHANA

I experienced, enjoyed, and loved every bit of my time at the reserve. Make it a point to visit soon and ask the general. SHAI HILLS RESOURCE RESERVE, A BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE AND WILDLIFE

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