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Serenity Beach Resort Accra Ghana. PT 1

Accra is one of the coastal cities in Ghana, it’s no news to see a lot of beach resorts cropping up every now and then, big and small and Serenity Beach Resort is no exception.

With its prime location in the Sakumono area with huge populists and fisherfolks, Serenity serves people of all classes and kinds. Close to it is the beautiful Tema Habour Expansion, The Regional Marine Time University and  Junction Mall.

I for one got to know of the resort during lock-down on social media and searched it on Google maps to read reviews.

For someone who isn’t a fan of large crowds, I was uneasy. My first visit was on January 1st with friends to have fun, the place was filled with no regard for COVID-19 PROTOCOLS. Seats were scarce for new customers so either you leave or wait around. Mind you it was a new year so everyone was out celebrating. So it’s in context.

Food & waiting time

We needed seats to be attended to so we saw a group leave and sat down after keeping watchful eyes, it was so hilarious. We first ordered a glass of juice each with came quickly to my satisfaction. The food was delayed, it was hard to get the attention of the servers as they were juggling to keep track of customers so we had to wait for over 15 minutes to get one. Even with that he forgot about our order and had to wait an additional 7 minutes for it to be delivered. The food came so cold, chicken wings with yam or potato chips. We had it to go because it was getting late. The food is very affordable.

Mode of payment

With the place overcrowded, the servers were had to get. After serving our food we waited for the server to return with the bill. That took long because he had others to attend to. Payment could be made with Cash or POS. With is very convenient. I think they also have MOMO.

Taste of food

Being served cold food I had them package it for me to take home. Got home and reheated it and I enjoyed it I must say but it was nothing exciting. They can do better.


Got to Serenity Beach Resort around 5 pm so the sea breeze was so soothing as it blew in our faces. But with people packed there, it was a bit hot. The resort needs a redesign. I love the high seats and artistic feel of that place. But it doesn’t blend with the white seating area. I assume the place is still under construction.

serenity beach resort
source: Twitter


It’s easy to get a ride come to pick you up, just turn on your location and request a ride. I will really suggest you order a ride because the walking distance to the roadside is quite a distance and gets worse when it’s dark. Unless you came in a private car.


Good music took my mind off the delay in service, they had live band and karaoke going on. It was fun listening to people try to sing. They played music and I danced in my seat.

In all, I will say it’s a nice hangout place but has more to improve upon. Nice get away from the nose. But if you’re not a fan of large crowds I suggest you don’t go on the festive season. Guess what, I went there again last week. So watch out for PART 2. You will love the place more as I had a good time.

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