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Serenity Beach Resort PT 2

With no further introductions let’s get the ball rolling. So if you’re lost I suggest you read Part 1 of the serenity beach resort review. My second visit was rather uneventful and calming to my satisfaction. 


As of 1 pm, Serenity was dead quiet with a handful of customers. We were attended to immediately we got settled in our seats with the drinks menu. It was well labelled so easy navigation for customers, we both ordered 4 bottles of malt 2 each. Mind you, I love malt. Later we ordered fried rice with grilled chicken and jollof rice with grilled chicken. Now I thought there wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened in January but seems I spoke too soon. Because it was the same almost cold food. I was very much disappointed with it.

Taste of food

I couldn’t enjoy my meal to my satisfaction because it was cold and I don’t like cold food. But that aside the food tasted fine, nothing exciting about it. Heat would have made a big difference. Considering we were at the seaside you’d hope for warm food to be served. I would give the taste and appearance 5/10. 


Got to the resort around 1 pm to a quiet place, no COVID-19 PROTOCOLS were observed. The servers didn’t have their masks on, we saw a washing stand but with no water or soap or tissue to suggest the use of it. That aside, the seats are beautiful, my favourite is the high seats with the artwork. The sea breeze is very soothing for relaxation and any sort of meeting. My problem was the seating area by the blue glass, you’d need a pair of sunglasses to sit there. Why, because the sun reflects on the white seats and hits your eye so keep that in mind. It’s good for the evening or when the sun is down.


Unlike my first one on New Year where they had karaoke and a live band playing there was none in the afternoon. Probably because it wasn’t the day or time. All I could hear was sea movements and a telenovela the waiters were watching. It was around 4 pm they began playing music. 

Mode of payment

Their flexible mode of payment is nothing new when it comes to service payments as they accept CASH, CARDS and MOMO ( unsure ). So you’re assured of flexibility.


For those with private cars it’s easy but for those with public transport get ready to walk a small distance. It’s a beach resort so it’s by the sea so you may have to walk from the main road to the resort. On foot, it’s quite a distance but you could order a ride to go to the main entrance. I advise you to order a ride when leaving late in the evening as it gets dark and few street lights from there to the main road.

All in all, I love the place and I believe it has the potential to be very big. I will be back in a year or 2 to see how it looks. They need to have crowd control when they have large crowds of customers and serve warm food not almost cold food. And their menu should be easy to navigate as it took longer to understand. You order for the protein then come down to small fonts to pick an accompaniment.  

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