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As a child, I would save money to buy ice cream after school with my friends. We had our individual favorites. Mine was a chocolate ice cream to go with bread or puff loaf. (a local delicacy.) I grew out of it as I grew up and had the need to save money to buy essentials than sweets.

But some old habits do not as I discovered Pinocchio & La Piazza Restaurant in Osu one evening. I am a fan of late-night drives in town with friends, either hunting for new joints for kebabs or just to drive by popular places off google maps. We were driving from Nima, a suburb in Accra when my friend asked if we should go to Osu. Initially, I have had my reservations but he later made mentioned getting ice cream of many flavors at Pinocchio & La Piazza Restaurant. With the mention of ice cream, I agreed and we made our way with less traffic as it was late in the evening. And that is how Pinocchio & La Piazza Restaurant became my favorite ice-cream place since 2019 till date.

My first visit made me feel like a child as there were many flavours to try and possibly combine. The server was patient as I made my choices, a scoop of 3 different flavours and had another set to go. The place was not crowded so the waiting time was moderate and there were seats available. Payments can be with cash or at the card. They open at 11 am and close at 10 pm every day.  

On one of my many visits there, we went to their restaurant to try their pizza. We were in Osu and I was craving for the piazza, searched on google maps for piazza joints around and Pinocchio & La Piazza Restaurant popped up. The waiter said it will be ready in 10 minutes and it was. We ordered the chicken piazza with extra meat kebab and 2 glasses of pineapple juice. It was prepared in an open oven, it tasted good and was worth the amount. The restaurant was empty then which meant privacy to munch on the pizza. Our server was friendly and understanding as I asked him if some toppings could be left off my piazza and he did just that. Talk about customer service.

I do enjoy the drive up into Osu to get ice cream but there were times I wished they would open a branch in my neighbourhood and they did. We were returning from our usual drive and I saw a new branch opened in East Legon, a few minutes from the ANC Mall. We visited there after church service and the service was like that of the Osu branch. I have been going there since.

Again, to make things easier for the customer, you can order and have it delivered to your doorstep at a charge. I ordered for the same pizza I had at their Osu branch at the East Legon branch. The taste was the same and delivery was quick.

They have neat bathrooms. Their interior design is unique and their high seats is a favourite. The artworks hung on the walls, add to the beauty of the place. There is a car parking space for early birds and also, their security men are polite and ready to assist you. It mostly gets crowded on weekend evenings but the wait is worth it. Getting a ride back is easy as it is in.

Do visit and experience for yourself their flavours. My favourite combination yet is bubble gum with vanilla with coffee with chocolate and strawberry.

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