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Osu Castle Accra- All You Need To Know

Osu Castle Accra- All You Need To Know

The Osu Castle Accra is one of the most iconic buildings in Ghana. It stands today as a symbol of Ghana’s rich history. This vast stone castle is one of the oldest monuments in West Africa and is open daily for visitors to explore its storied past. Its 147-step staircase leads up to breathtaking views of Osu. Visitors can find various artefacts depicting life at the castle over the centuries, including an underground prison.

The era of trade gave rise to forts and castles for Europeans, however, times changed and the switch from goods to humans as slaves began. Ghana has a total of 3 castles and 27 forts. The castled can be found in the Greater Accra and the Central Region. The most giant castle is the Cape Coast Castle. The three Castles in Ghana are as follows. 

  1. Osu Castle
  2. Cape Coast Castle
  3. Elmina Castle.

Who Built the Osu Castle Accra?

It was originally built by Denmark- Norway in the 1660s and is part of the Danish Gold Coast. Before becoming a castle, it was a fort. This fort changed ownership between Denmark – Norway, Portugal, Akwamu, Britain and finally to Post Independence Ghana. The castle is 362 years old

What was the Osu Castle Accra Used for?

The then fort was initially used for trading in gold and Ivory. However, it was later used as a slave point under Dano- Norwegian control.

Who was the Osu Castle Accra Named After

With their trade activities increasing, the fort became small which led to the purchase of adjoining land to expand the fort. This led to renaming the fort ‘’ Fort Christiansborg’after the then-reigning Danish King Christian V. 


Where is Osu Castle Located?

The castle is located in Osu. You can get there by walking from the Tema station with the help of Google Maps. You can go on a walking tour for a better experience.

Osu Castle Opening days and Tour Fees.

The Castle is open to visitors every day. You can walk in or call to book a visit. The fee for Ghanaian adults is 20 cedis. You will be assigned a tour guide if a tour is ongoing or you may wait a few minutes.

Tourist Sites Around Osu Castle Accra.

  1. Ussher Fort
  2. Jamestown Lighthouse
  3. Accra Art and Crafts.

Tour of the Osu Castle Accra.

The tour guide took us through all the rooms and cells slaves were kept in. The history is almost similar to that of the other castles and forts. The only difference is, it is at the Osu Castle where meetings for our freedom took place. In the meeting room, you can see the Atlantic Ocean and Independence Beach. The guide informed us of the process being underway to restore the meeting room. The ceiling looked very bad so as did the tables and chairs. The waves on my skin calmed me down from all the tragic stories we were being told I felt as though I was part of the meeting as we walked into the big meeting room. t

The best feature is the red staircase, which is divided into 3 parts. The middle is walked on by presidents and dignitaries, whereas the left and right sides are by ordinary people. The tour was 45 minutes. From the main building, we moved to the underground prison, I did not join the team as I have been in too many cells due to my previous tours of forts and castles. The last point was the lush green garden. Osu Castle has a beautiful garden area where visitors can relax amidst lush greenery with great views of both the city and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. 

Which Year did it become a Seat of Governance?

Most of the upper part of the Osu Castle Accra was destroyed by an earthquake in the year 1862 like that of Ussher Fort. It was later rebuilt with wood and served as the seat of colonial governance. It was later used as a constabulary mess and a psychiatric asylum after the British abandoned it from 1890 – 1901. It later served as the residence of the first President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah in the year 1960.

 Whether you are here for sightseeing, learning about Ghana’s vibrant history or exploring its fascinating culture, Osu Castle Accra is worth a visit! 

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