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Nubuke Art Foundation, A Beautiful Galleria

Arts has always intrigued my imagination, wondering what inspired works of artists, their artworks, and how they envisioned, to how long it took for them to decide on what painting technique to the colour and what mood to be in for their vision to come to life on a canvas. Saw a post of an ongoing art exhibition and made plans to visit with a then acquaintance now a friend. Have always been an art lover but not intentional about it up until I began making acquaintances in the arts industry, one thing led to the other and on one sunny Tuesday morning we found ourselves at an art exhibition. Mainly didn’t attend them because of time, location and company so I was really excited when my friend who is an artist himself agreed to join.

NUBUKE ART FOUNDATION is an easy-to-find place near Mensvic Grand Hotel, 7 Lome close, East Legon.  The design of the building is new to me and interesting. As we made our way into the galleria the first art piece brought nostalgic childhood memories from the ’90s. Back in the 90s in Ghana, beauty saloons had a knack for having creatively designed signboards, on it were pictures of trendy native hairstyles. These signboards took me down memory lane when I use to accompany my mom to the saloon on the next street. I would always stand outside to help my mom pick a hairstyle after that I would play with other children in the saloon, which brought happy memories of when I used to accompany my mom to do her hair.


We saw all these interesting signs of women’s hairstyle nicely drawn and also the good old days when barbers walked around the neighbourhood with their blade and comb and their board, their version of home service. We used to get a haircut every 2 weeks alongside my cousins and uncle. We would all take turns for a haircut with a comb and a blade change, those were the good old days with the family. the barbers would be calling out to customers from the streets with the sound of his combing beating his signboard. The time they say flies by, now these hairdressers have shops of all sizes as the barbers do with led signs or a regular banner with their services printed out and numbers to call to book and for home service

At the entrance, you’re mandated to wear a face mask before entering, sanitize or wash your hands, write your name and address in the visitor’s book, and not take professional pictures of any of the paintings just personal pictures. the arts on exhibition were  of DR. JOSEPH ODURO- FRIMPONG TITLED ‘SU)M) HI FE SHIKA. An art exhibition of film posters, barbering, and saloon signage.

And I will say, people, are talented.  Don’t discourage anyone who decides to be an artist. It’s worth every stoke and imagination.  Do stop by and have a look. They have a nice seating area. I only wish they had a snack bar or mini canteen. Would go a long way. The workers are soo welcoming and polite and ready to explain things to you.

The compound is very spacious with beautiful green grass and a seating area for visitors. The workers are very friendly and ready to assist you with all you need. getting a car to wherever you came from is not a problem for its not far from the main road with a lot of public transport driving by or you can always order a ride back. There is no time-bound to your tour so you can take your time but just keep in mind their closing time.

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