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Mount Gemi (Amedzofe) – All You Need To Know

Mount Gemi (Amedzofe) – All You Need To Know

Happy people, beautiful places, and wonderful experiences: these are things that tickle my fancy. I never pass the opportunity for a new adventure, and when it promises to combine all three, my inner being jumps with so much excitement. 

It was a cold Saturday morning and I had planned this trip for over two weeks. The fear of the unknown lurked in the corridors of my mind albeit combined with some excitement. I was travelling with a travel group and even though this was not the first time embarking on such a journey, this was the first time with this group. Would they be friendly enough?

All the fear disappeared when I got into the bus and was greeted with smiles. I got even more excited when we introduced ourselves and got to know each other better. The journey to Amedzofe was a beautiful and relaxing one.


In about 3 hours, we got to our first destination: Mount Gemi.

About Mount Gemi

Mount Gemi, also known as Mount Gemiwo, is a mountain top in the Amedzofe village in Ghana’s Volta Region. It is part of the Akwapim-Togo Ranges, a mountain range that stretches across Ghana, Togo, and sections of Benin. The mountain is recognized for its natural splendour, rich flora, and panoramic views of the surrounding area.


Mount Gemi, at an elevation of around 750 meters (2,461 feet) above sea level, is a popular hiking and outdoor activity location. It is well-known for its moderate hiking paths, which allow tourists to enjoy the area’s natural splendor, which includes dense forests, valleys, and unusual rock formations. Mount Gemi’s summit offers stunning views of the surrounding area, including the Volta River, Lake Volta, and distant mountains.

Mount Gemi has cultural significance for the local Ewe people who dwell in the Amedzofe community, in addition to its natural beauty. The mountain is regarded as sacred, and it is related to cultural and traditional practices. Mount Gemi, according to the native Ewe people, is the home of ancestor spirits and has spiritual significance in their beliefs and practices.

Amedzofe, a town near Mount Gemi, is a popular starting point for those who want to explore the peak and its surroundings. Guesthouses, modest hotels, and local markets where visitors can buy local items and crafts are available in the town. It also provides an opportunity to learn about and experience local Ewe cultures, such as traditional dances, music, and arts and crafts.


 Travel information, particularly Mount Gemi’s accessibility and conditions, can vary. Before arranging a trip to Mount Gemi or any other place, it is always a good idea to check with local authorities or travel companies for the most up-to-date information.

Nearby Hotels

  • Mountain Paradise
  • Akofa Guest House
  • ACM Guest House
  • Abusua Guesthouse
  • Higher Height
  • Abraecia Hospitalities

The mountain climb is a test of character, but the beauty in the struggle is in reaching the mountain’s peak. Drenched in sweat, smiles and the look of the fulfilment of conquering the second highest mountain in Ghana set the right tone for taking a breathtaking picture and enjoying the beautiful views from below. But note, it is not so rosy at the top. I will advise that you go along with an insect repellant to ward off the clingy insects at the peak of the mountain. Climbing the mountain is not as difficult as its descent. The steep edges would make you walk on pins and needles, BUT THAT’S A story for another day.

The trip to Amedzofe would be incomplete without a stop at Ote Falls. Click here to read my article on that experience.

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