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With Maaha Beach Resort ,I am tempted to agree with the statement ‘’the best comes from the west’’. The resort is one of the most exquisite beach resorts in the country. I found it during lockdown last year on a cold evening as I searched for beach resorts on google maps and I saved it. What caught my eye was the brown raffia or wood used.  It stands out compared to other beach resorts I have visited

A few beach resorts around Maaha Beach Resort includes the following,

  1. Axim beach resort
  2. Anomabo beach resort
  3. Busua beach resort.
  4. Lu Moon Eco Beach Resort
  5. Tenack Beach Resort

It was the next stop on the list. The drive was a short one from Kikam to the resort. We rode in a yellow tricycle to the Essiama station. That is the common form of transportation in that town. For a fare of 3 cedis each from Kikam to Maaha Beach Resort. This was months ago before inflation

One thing that caught my eye was their Nzema dialect. It had a very nice tone to it especially when they were having heated conversations amongst themselves. The ride was a pleasant one I must say, I kept seeing coconut trees and the sea as we drove by. Again, the breeze from the sea kept hitting my face so much that I thought I would catch a cold. With most inhabitants, fishmongers, be ready to be in a car for the smell of fresh fish if you are on a mode of public transport.

All covid­ 19 protocols were observed i.e., washing our hands, sanitizing and thermometer gun, then we signed in as day visitors with our contact details and made our way inside.

Upon entering we were welcomed by a large canon with the name of the resort on it. To make life easy on guests they have mounted directional signs on the resort which I found very effective. 

We made our way to the bar beside the pool. Ordered drinks to chill on. The bar was empty and I was happy about that, I mean what other way would you spend your afternoon with your friend. The drinks were affordable.

Later we moved to their summer huts to explore the place and take all the pictures to share. You might want to go with a Bluetooth speaker if you go in the daytime. 

You are assured of a luxurious experience when you stay at the Maaha Beach Resort at an affordable rate. You get to stay in a beautiful room with a sea view, all you need is to select a room. Their room rates start at 840 cedis. Their amenities include

  1. Free Wi-Fi
  2. Free Parking
  3. Free Breakfast
  4. Wheelchair Access.
  5. Airport Shuttle
  6. Pool
  7. Spa
  8. Fitness Center.

Their room standards are

  1. Standard Room
  2. Deluxe Room
  3. Executive Room
  4. Junior Suite
  5. Executive Suite.

In addition to that, they have tour packages for guests to enjoy. Includes

Party bus, Maaha Village, Tour to Fort Apollonia, Nzulezu Stilt Village and Ankasa Conservation and Bamboo Cathedral.

Do make time to visit the Western Region and explore the Maaha Beach Resort. 

Kan went to the restaurant to order 2 packs of jollof rice with chicken. The restaurant was packed that afternoon but he was attended to and we made our way off the premises. The food was okay for me as I was hungry and did not pay attention to the taste.

Maaha beach resort is a beautiful place and an ideal vacation destination. Although I did not stay I will soon give my review but for now, I recommend it to everyone. Their staff are friendly and ready to attend to you

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