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Luxury Beach Resort Or Something Like That

Beach resorts are fast becoming a big business venture in Ghana; a common sight at coastal areas with a lot of them springing up with catchy names to attract customers to their location for the experience, and luxury beach resort at Bortianor is no exception.

I got to know of the place after a friend visited there with her friends for a photoshoot session and I said, “Hey, is the place nice? Do you think it will be worth the long journey and annoying traffic?”. Knowing me as I am, she said not exactly but I can give it a go, which I did after church service, on one Sunday afternoon with a friend. Take a seat and enjoy the ride with me to the Luxury Beach Resort. Or something like that.

Travel Time.

As I always say, your mode of transportation and time of day plays a part in the travel time.

  • MADINA                 1 Hour 34 Minutes.
  • WINNEBA               1 Hour 21 Minutes.
  • TEMA                      1 Hour 42 Minutes.
  • CAPE COAST           2 Hours  43 Minutes.
  • ACCRA MALL          47 Minutes.
  • OSU                        57 Minutes.

Travel Experience

With the heavy traffic in mind, I knew I had to go in a privately owned car, so I asked a friend and we agreed to go together. This was comfort for me because once you get onto the N1 road heading through Dzorwulu, Lapaz, Kwashieman, Abofun, Mallam junction, McCarthy junction, to Bortianor in public transport, can be very energy draining with all the bus stops and getting down to board another car, asking for directions bargaining fares and all that. It is a smooth ride on a good road with a charged atmosphere at each turn you look, people busily selling (plantain chips, bottle and sachet water, rugs, boiled egg with pepper, chocolate, yoghurt, snacks, just name it) their wares to passengers, drivers, and passersby. Then the almighty traffic makes the whole experience memorable. 

You get to hear the sound of the sea waves once you get on the inner road of Bortianor and see the sea as you get close. I could count a lot of beach resorts on that stretch which gives you options and promotes competitive business. What is most important to me on a personal ride is music. Music selection is very key for me but then again, I am a talker so music and a good conversation do the trick all the time. Upon arrival, I could not be more grateful for listening to my friend taking a sandal in addition to my heel. Yes, in all my glamour I forgot we were going to a beach and wore pink heels. They have an okay parking space with a guard to assist you to get a good spot.



Unlike many beaches, there is a lake or a river to cross before getting on the beach itself and that adds to its uniqueness. There is a wooden bridge you walk on.

  • 10 cedis           Gate fee.
  • 10 cedis           Boat ride
  • 3 cedis             Kebabs
  • 10 cedis           Medium bottle of water
  • 1,000 cedis      VIP SEATING


I found it problematic that, there were few seats available. I mean, not everyone would want to be out on the sand. They do have seats, but most were under the sun with 8 huts or umbrellas serving as shades, so we had to wait for someone under the tree seats to get up so would occupy them. Something caught my attention as I looked around, they have a designated area for those who want VIP and VVIP seats. 

Now, that is not what caught my attention, the prices did. For a 1000 cedis, you got a small area with nothing spectacular to it aside from a 32- or 40-inch flat screen tv with seats as regular as anything with the difference being cushions, like the ones we sat on was hardwood to the butt. Well, maybe it came with all manner of expensive drinks and what have you but for that price, I expect more of a good seating set up and privacy.


For those who love to horse ride, you are sorted, as there are few for a good price you can ride on, with the guide walking beside you. I am yet to try a horse ride myself but, I know I will on my next visit.

Aside from that, you can go on a paddleboat ride but do not worry, you will not be the one paddling. The boys working the boats are very entertaining and fun to be around as they told us stories of the fishes, how to fish for what kind, where and at what time of the day to get a good catch. They can stop for a while for you to breathe in the experience if you want to, then paddle on back to shore. Well, that is how we began ours and was a good way to. It’s quite a distance, and worth it.

They also have a playground for the family and kids, very colourful painted and safe to be. You can play beach soccer and beach volley with your friends there. It’s just beside the playground for fun and entertainment.
If you want something calming to watch, you can watch the fishermen onshore moving their boats to have it cleaned out. You will see canoes and boats of all sizes with the usual flags, a similar view of when you go to the shores of James town.


It was no doubt entertaining. Customers enjoyed trendy songs whiles some danced on their feet. Walking on the sand watching people do their own thing kept us entertained. Some were having girls’ day out, some were having photoshoot sessions, the love birds promising each other heaven and earth, and all manner of activities were ongoing. We could not stop laughing at the number of public displays of affection going on. Pets on a leash are allowed.

At the Luxury Beach Resort


Like most beaches I have been to, my eyes began scanning for the kebab stand. I can not do without sticks of kebabs at the beach. We found it and made our order which took a while because he was attending to other people. It was spicy with a lot of pepper and onions, just the way I like it. They also have food so you can order for them at affordable prices. Had it with a chilled bottle of malt go with.

Night And Day Time

Having seen a couple of evening footage, I knew I had to stay longer to see myself. So we sat on the sand and watched the sunset and had conversations from one topic to another. Trust me when I say it was worth it. It felt like though everyone was waiting for the same, the music changed, the people changed, it was an eye-catching view. They lit up the lights at the resort and it was just beautiful.


My biggest downside was the bathroom because I found it alarming and unhygienic. It’s a wood-like structure nicely done with a nice exterior to make you think it’s a conventional washroom with a WC and a washbasin. Far from that, it was a hole in ground structure to do your business and piss; more like an open urinal. I was beyond appalled because the stench hits you once you open the door. You pit drains to the sand have had to use this sort of washroom at a different beach. Every establishment needs a proper washroom to serve its visitors washroom.

In conclusion, I was disappointed with what I got to what I saw I searched for the place, I saw a picture of seats covered in white and caught my attention, only to get there and see nothing of such. Maybe it was done by request for an occasion. Again, the beach needs to be cleaned, as some parts were dirty and filled with plastic waste and the rest. With no dust bins, where would people dump their rubbish, because not all would take it home?

One of the things I loved was the number of private little setups I saw, which meant you can have your intimate events there, once you notify them and do the needful. I recommend they improve the place because it has a lot of potential.

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