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After a hectic week, one needs a place to destress and I did just that with my visit to the Lakeside Marina Park. The park affords its visitors a list of fun activities and the field to use. Located within the lakeside estate close to botwe, this recreational park is an ideal place for families to take their young children to and also for adults to visit and unleash the child in them as they try out their various activities.

The lakeside marina park was opened in 2013 and has since been operational. The park seeks to serve as a recreational park for people of all ages and also a space to host events. Regulars on the website can attest to the fact that I always set out at dawn. However, today was different as I set off around mid-day since the location was less than 30 minutes away from home.

sign board

The entrance fee of 30 cedis per adult covered all activities, except the canopy walk, the zipline, the boat ride and the quad bike. The various activities at the park are well spaced out, giving it fluidity. The lady at the reception was welcoming and guided us with making payments and getting the apparatus for some of the activities. We were ready to have fun and relax by the lakeside. Below are some activities at the park

  1. Swinging boat
  2. Canopy walk
  3. Zipline
  4. Children playground
  5. 2 storey slides
  6. Boat cruise
  7. Mini Golf
  8. Quad bikes
  9. Table tennis
  10. Ps game
  11. A field for (football, volley, a tag of war etc.)
golf court

The first activity was the mini golf course which I did not try on my first visit. We got the clubs and the game began. It was the only free activity then as the rest were being used by other visitors. It was my first time at golf so I had no clue about the proper way to hold the club. I was expecting a worker to demonstrate it to us, but rather he sat by watching ahead as the children slid off the slide. Thankfully, my friend knew how to and he guided me as I played. It was fun and exciting each time the ball was hit. We took turns and kept a score sheet as we played. The course has 6 levels and we did all but one, it was sloppy. LAKESIDE MARINA PARK, AN AMAZING RECREATIONAL PARK IN GHANA

The next activity was the 2-storey slide next to the mini golf course. I joined a few kids to climb to the top. With each step, I took the wind got colder and reminded me of my canopy walk experience at Bunso, Kakum and Legon botanical gardens. For someone scared of heights I am quick to try new heights thanks to adrenalin. I got on top and my body refused to go down the slide. It was a sight to behold, the kids found it funny as well. I sat there for 8 minutes, battling with my mind and body. My friend made it worse by making fun of me. I had 2 options, go down sliding or the walk of shame on the stairs. Down I slide and I kept screaming. I did it 2x and decided to go eat and rest. LAKESIDE MARINA PARK, AN AMAZING RECREATIONAL PARK IN GHANA

The lakeside marina park has a restaurant and a snack bar but also allows visitors to come with their food which we did. We later moved to the table tennis area. It looked secluded from the rest of the activity. Again, I had zero skills with that and had to be coached. I got a hang of it and the game began. I never appreciated the game until then as I kept sweating with a swing. He played a match with a visitor and afterwards, we moved to the boat swing. LAKESIDE MARINA PARK, AN AMAZING RECREATIONAL PARK IN GHANA

I have fond memories of this swing. We met a lady on it without anyone pushing her which was perfect. I got on and my friend began pushing hard. It was slow but later he added more energy and I felt my heart fall inside my stomach. I wanted to throw up each time he pushed, though it was fun. I enjoyed myself at the park. afterwards, we made our way to the lakeside to relax and chit chat. LAKESIDE MARINA PARK, AN AMAZING RECREATIONAL PARK IN GHANA

My weekend began on a good note and the visit to the park added to my happiness. I rate my experience an 8 out of ten. I entreat you to visit there soon, also they give discounts to a group of 10 people. Do not forget to leave your comment under this article. Until next time, explore Ghana. There are few recreational parks in Ghana and i suggest more should be built

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