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Kakum National Park – All You Need To Focus On

Kakum National Park has always been on my bucket list for 3 main reasons:

  1. Travel out of Accra 
  2. Walking on the 7 canopy walks
  3. Conquering my fear of heights 

My friend and I spoke about it, planned it, more like an impromptu trip to the Central Region precisely, Cape Coast. 


Travel time

Before you decide on road trips or any sort of trip make sure you are aware of the duration, that way you can estimate when best to set off to beat traffic and have more time to enjoy the facility.  So here are a few:

  • Accra to Kakum National park takes 4 hours 30 minutes. 
  • Kasoa to Kakum 2 hours 42 minutes 
  • Cape Coast to Kakum 32 minutes 

This may depend on the time you set off. Taking into consideration the traffic at Budumburam or Liberian camp.

And also the time may differ based on your mode of transportation. We went by public transport so the time was different. This time is different for those with private transportation. So keep that in mind.

Travel Experience. 

So the build-up to the trip was exciting so I knew for a fact I was going to have a lot of fun with my friend. Anyone who’s used the Kasoa, Winneba – Cape Coast road will share my experience.

The annoying traffic at Liberian camp. Makes you start to wonder if it’s worth it. I mean there’s a traffic light regulating traffic but you will always get stuck. Can take up to 10 -15 minutes or more depending on the time.

The numerous tabletop ‘fante kenkey ‘ vendors. Every region in Ghana has something unique about it when travelling.  In the eastern region on the Nsawam road, we have the ‘ bread sellers, the fried yam and “Chofi” sellers’. In the Ashanti Region on the Kumasi road, we have the ‘kente stores, the traditional wear, the earthen wear sellers. At Winneba you see a lot of them in the blue polythene bags nicely packed to attract buyers in their beautiful ‘Fante’ language.

As I said, we went by public transport so it was a mixture. People getting off at bus stops and some local indigenes onboarding and speaking the language. It’s more like Twi but with a twist. 

The Road 

Now I won’t brag but the roads were that good. I mean once we got on the N1 from Lapaz throughout to Kakum. Was a smooth ride with little bumps here and there but it was generally a good road.

The mini-market and restaurant they had. We didn’t have to worry about food because they have a market and restaurant. We had plain rice with fish and fried rice with fish. Was so delicious, hot and affordable. 


So the prices were not too expensive because we had a fair idea of It 

  • Entrance fee – 2 cedis
  • Hiking ( primary forest 1 hour)   – 45 cedis
  • Hiking (secondary forest and mini waterfall 1 hour) – 50 cedis
  • Canopy walk(  hiking 1 hour) – 62 cedis.

They have a restaurant so you can always get food there. Very delicious hot and affordable. 

Tour Experience 

So this is the part I loved most, so we made payments and had to wait for our tour guide. His name is Mahama, a big dark guy, jovial and very fluent. We were 4 on our tour, that is, my friend and I and two others. We, first of all, had to wash our hands and sanitize. 

All COVID-19 protocols were adhered to. Well, the hiking began smoothly but as we climbed I got more and more tired. My legs were shaking, I was panting hard and constantly had to stop to rest. Nothing prepared me for that hike so you could imagine. He gave us the history of the place and the species of trees found. Then the canopy came into sight. 7 levels and height. He went with us for the first 2 levels. I was so scared as the canopies shook each time the wind blew in the forest, it was so quiet that all we could hear were birds chirping. But I had to be courageous. 

Kakum national park

We were done with our tour in exactly 1 hour. Trust me I was terrified when we got to the fifth canopy, it kept shaking and those behind me were not helping matters. But in all, it was a fun experience.  The hike down is so short and easy


It’s a rain forest and can rain any day

  • An umbrella
  • A power bank
  • Good footwear for the hike
  • Comfortable clothing to hike in
  • Snacks

You can take as many pictures as you like there, they also have a souvenir shop. The downside was getting a car from the park to cape coast.  But if you’re in a private car no hassle. You can go in groups or something. Just go have fun. 💃💃☺☺☺
Our tour guides number Mahama – 054 591 2679

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