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Jamestown Lighthouse Accra- The Beautiful Red & White of Accra 

Jamestown Lighthouse Accra- The Beautiful Red & White of Accra 

The Jamestown Lighthouse in Accra is a historic landmark that has been standing tall since the 1930s. Its iconic red and white striped structure is found in the middle of the bustling fishing community of Jamestown, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse served an important role in guiding ships into the busy port of Jamestown. Visitors can climb up the Jamestown Lighthouse spiral staircase inside the lighthouse to reach the top, where they can take in stunning panoramic views of both land and sea.


 A visit to Jamestown Lighthouse is not only an opportunity to appreciate its architectural beauty but also a chance to immerse yourself in Ghanaian history and culture. The Jamestown Lighthouse is a 28-square-meter structure that stands tall in Accra overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was originally built by the British in 1871. This iconic landmark consists of a light tower and a residence. Both are painted in white and red horizontal bands. 

Jamestown is one of the oldest districts in Accra. Most locals are Ga-speaking people and a hub of local arts, fishing, and boxing rings. The Bukom township and Usher Fort add to the beauty of the lighthouse. The tour was partial as the lighthouse was undergoing maintenance.



Considering this was my second visit, I had high expectations of climbing up the spiral stairs to soak in the panoramic view at the top. However, it was a flashback as it was under lock and key. We had no tour guide to brief us on the history. The best we could do was take pictures and videos. The breeze from the ocean felt soothing on my skin. Due to the closure, we paid nothing.

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The surrounding area is also rich with culture, from traditional festivals to mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Jamestown is known as the heart of street Art in Accra. It is known for the famous Chalewote street art festival which happens in August every year. During this time, the diaspora troupe in to retrace their roots, learn our culture and showcase their arts.


There are other notable tourist sites around Jamestown that you can visit, hotels to stay at and local’s restaurants to eat from. Get in touch with your adventurous self and explore all that Accra and Jamestown have to offer. The locals are friendly and ready to assist you. It is an added advantage if you speak Ga or have someone with you who does.

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