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Independence Arch –The Beautiful Gateway To Accra, Ghana.

Independence Arch –The Beautiful Gateway To Accra, Ghana.

Accra, Ghana is an African powerhouse of culture and opportunity. Sitting on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a modern, cosmopolitan city with a diversity of people from all over West Africa. The vibrant street scene and nightlife are alive with intriguing music, art and food that continues to captivate visitors from around the world. There is something for everyone here – from markets bustling with local delicacies to international restaurants serving up flavors from Europe, Asia and beyond. 

With pristine beaches and award-winning resorts scattered along its coastline, you can experience everything Accra has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a cultural adventure or just some restful relaxation in one of Africa’s biggest cities – Accra is sure to charm!

The Independence Arch represents Ghana’s struggle for independence from imperial British rule and honors fallen soldiers who died for the cause. The square was built by the first president of Ghana, DR Kwame Nkrumah and commissioned in the year 1961. It is used for national events like the swearing-in of presidents, the Independence Day march, The Eid celebration, a military parade and other national events. 


One can see other iconic national buildings like the Accra sports stadium, National Conference Center, and Parliament House. The Independence Arch was built in time for the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II. Other monumental buildings include the Black Star Square and Liberation Day Monument.

Independence Arch

The Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana is an awe-inspiring structure that serves as a beautiful gateway to the city. The arch is a free entry site You can contact a local tour guide if you wish to know the history of the Arch. The Independence Arch is guarded by soldiers as this monument is of national importance. This monument serves as a reminder of Ghana’s journey towards achieving independence. As well as being a tourist attraction, it is a substantial part of the city’s identity.

Liberation Day Monument.

This monument is in honor of veterans of the Burma Camp campaign conducted during the 2nd world war by the Commonwealth. Upon returning to the then Gold Coast, some of the veterans began a peaceful protest and marched towards the Christiansburg Castle.

Black Star Square

Built by the first president of Ghana, DR Kwame Nkrumah in the year 1961. The square is used during national events like the swearing-in of presents, Independence Day march, ‘Eid celebration, military parade, global concert, and other national events. The Square is a national landmark and serves as a public square. The stands can seat 30,00 people

Black Star Gate

The Black Star Gate is part of Independence Square and it is boarded by the Accra Sports Stadium. The monument is topped by the black star of Africa and has the inscription ‘’AD 1957’’ and Freedom and Justice. It was commissioned by the first President of Ghana. The climb is quite scary. The issue of a seating area has been resolved. Patrons can catch their breath whiles on top. The view is breathtaking. Some say ‘one can see Accra from the top.

You can wine and dine at any of these restaurants after your tour RESTAURANTS IN LABONE

One needs to visit these landmarks to truly connect with the history of Ghana. Monuments in this area give visitors the best background for their pictures or videos. Do not forget to take pictures when at the top. I suggest you go with a tour guide to give you a detailed history.

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Can You Visit For Free?

        Yes, You Can Visit These Sites for Free.

How Do I Get There?

       Board A Public Transport To Tema Station, and navigate with the help of google maps.

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