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The Hillburi hotel is of the fine hotels on the Akwapim Ridge and has since grown into becoming one of the finest hotels in the region. At such a prime location, it is impossible to miss it when using that stretch. Like most hotels, hillburi hotel has an in-house restaurant that serves both in-house guests and day visitors. The only difference is the opening and closing times for their respective guests.

The building seems to be on a hill, therefore walking to and from the restaurant can be a bit problematic if you are in heels. However, that works perfectly for me as you get a beautiful view of the ridge as you approach the restaurant. They have a limited parking space which may be in line with their number of rooms or the average time day guests stay.

The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambience. You get chills as you walk in due to the weather on the mountain. They have just outdoor seating areas, which is good for guests to enjoy the view as they enjoy their food. That is, you either sit under their summer hat or their umbrella shade with picnic seats overlooking the swimming pool. The seats are sufficient and there are natural lights, that is the sun. HILLBURI HOTEL, AN AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION AND RESTAURANT

We made our way to the umbrella seating area and a minute after a waiter approached our table. The service was prompt even on a slow Saturday afternoon. Our waiter was a male, well dressed and had on an inviting smile eager to serve. He laid out the menu for us and gave us some time to decide after which he came to take our orders. He repeated them just to be sure and that was good. HILLBURI HOTEL, AN AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION AND RESTAURANT

Their menu is easy to read and navigate as it is not overly long and packed like other restaurants. I have the habit of repeating meals before trying something new. That is to say that this was my second visit to the hotel therefore I ordered jollof rice with fried chicken and a bottle of juice to go with it. The rice was well cooked and the fried chicken wings were a delight in my mouth.


The place was not crowded and I enjoy such an environment. The hotel has a bar to complement the restaurant, the first is at the main entrance and the second is at the restaurant. Their food, juice and alcoholic drink prices are relatively affordable.

With the food aspect talked about, let us move to their rooms and the various amenities and services they provide. Last time I checked a room was going for 861 cedis. But prices may be different. Below are some of their facilities. HILLBURI HOTEL, AN AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION AND RESTAURANT

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Bar
  3. Restaurant
  4. Free Parking
  5. Wi-Fi.

My first visit was 2 years ago and I can say that my second visit experience was almost the same. That notwithstanding I feel that until I dine at the restaurant at night and stay at the hotel my review will be incomplete. I recommend the hillburi hotel. Also keep in mind to check out Cactus Creek, Little Arch Hotel, Aruba and Peduase Valley Resort.

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