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Taking into account that not everyone likes a hotel I had to stay at a guest house to share my view on their services as compared to hotels. During the planning stage of my trip to the west, I had to take into account the individual distance of the sites to visit and find a guest house at the midpoint. With that, we decided on the Gulf of Guinea Guest House located in Kikam.

Gulf of Guinea Guest House

The Gulf of Guinea Guest House of just by the roadside which means transportation will be easy when you need it. This is my second stay here and I enjoyed it. The first time I stayed there was last year on my first trip to the west which lasted a week.

Their room price ranges from 60 to 120 cedis.

And amenities include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite TV
  • Air condition
  • Room service.
  • Bar

Address & contact information

Address: Esiama-Kiikam Road, Esiama, Ghana

Phone: +233 24 561 8191

You may have difficulty in getting food to your taste in the community. There are other guest houses around which has an in-house restaurant that serves local dishes for you to try. 

There are some beaches you can visit or journey to Maaha Beach Resort, Axim Beach Resort and Spa or Tenack Beach Resort. You can buy food there if you wish to.

The breeze in the community do you good. The guest house gave me the need for peace to write pending reviews, it inspired me to complete my end of year itinerary. 

With this in mind, it came as no surprise to the guy at the Bull and Bush Guest House when I called to book a room for a week. I packed snacks to munch on in the evening knowing how food will be an issue for me because of my taste buds. 

gulf of guinea guest house

The room is cleaned every morning and the staff is very friendly and ready to be of service to you especially where to buy good food. Most importantly, they have an in-house kitchen where you can buy foodstuff in the market and make your food. The restaurant will be completed soon.

You do not need to travel up north to experience the yellow tricycle as that is the major mode of transportation in the community for 1 cedi to the station. At the station, you have options on what to buy. However, I suggest to you to travel with a bottle of shito to eat your fante, rice, yam, and anything with if your stomach is not strong as mine.

I ask they work on their Wi-Fi as I never in my 2 weeks stay got to use it. Aside from that I enjoyed my stay and recommend it to you. Note that only Vodafone internet works in the community. You can pack other sim cards by I highly suggest you get that sim to be connected to the internet.

You can call in to book a room or walk-in. Also, you can pay in cash or pay with mobile money  

gulf of guinea guest house

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