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The Legon Botanical Gardens: My First Experience

The LEGON BOTANICAL GARDENS is one of the few child-friendly outdoor spaces in Accra. It can boast of a well laid out open space in the centre of Haatso, and at a strategic location sandwiched between the oldest university in Ghana, the University of Ghana, and the Wisconsin University. Whilst surrounded by a few popular restaurants. Also, the facility is by the roadside and makes navigation easy for new guests which is a plus I must add.

Travel Time

As I always say, these are estimated times due to traffic, your mode of transportation and your location and set off time. This is the closest a place has been for me, mostly I go in for a location far from me so it feels I’m far from me but this time round I did otherwise and was fun.

  • From Madina              –    9 minutes.
  • From Accra Mall         –    12 minutes.
  • From Aburi                 –    34 minutes
  • From Kasoa                 –    48 minutes
  • From Tema                  –    40 minutes


I must say, I was really impressed with the display of the prices; bold and readable to one with a normal vision right at the entrance. The cashier wore a welcoming smile as we approached her stall to make payments of the entrance fee and go through the lists of activities, we were interested in paying for. We paid with cash and got our tickets for canopy walking, well that was what I really wanted to do then maybe go boat riding.

legon botanical gardens visit

As mentioned, we paid with cash so the mode of payment I assume will be flexible. They have two stalls for payments to cut down waiting time for the experience ahead. After all, that’s what you came for.


It’s a pretty relaxing place to be in the busy part of Accra, but not entirely quite as it seems. The Legon Botanical Gardens can boast of overinclusive activities for both adults and children ranging from the boat ride, canopy walks, junior rope course, biking, just to name all at affordable amounts. Various activities are scattered across the gardens; with the lake stretching out under the canopy walk. Next is the woodlands then you move to the playground area. The woodlands section is good for picnics and cute seating or lay back on a mat to read a novel.

Also, it has a beautiful bamboo bush and a location suitable for videos and photography. My biggest concern was the lack of enthusiasm of workers because ordinarily when you enter such places there are people to welcome you and ready to attend to you at your activity points which was not the case.  The facility is a good location for picnics and learning of tress as they have them marked and well labelled, wedding receptions and any kind of outdoor event. All you have to do is call and make a reservation for such events. Note, you can bring your pets to the garden but make sure they are on a leash at all times and you have their poop collectors.

Activity And Safety

Get ready for this is where it gets tricky and confusing. I was ready to be debriefed on safety measures on the canopy walk just to reassure my confidence, I was given none. The worker left me to my fate with no information as to how I would get onto the canopy, I was left to walk on the canopy all alone with no regard whatsoever should anything happen to me. Unlike Kakum where you go in batches hourly with a tour guide to give you a sense of security and company, I had none there. It’s a 5-level canopy walk, gets windy due to the tress and shakes the canopy but nothing to fear. I had no idea how many it was as the workers left me to my fate, I was very scared but thanks to my friend who was waiting for me at decent I was fine.

I was very much disappointed and to make matters worse one worker made an unfortunate comment. Because I was SOOO scared on the last walk my friend met me halfway to hold my hand as I froze. The said worker got angry and said ‘if you were scared why did you pay for the activity ‘and this led to a heated exchange of words.  You did not prioritize my security and rather sort to ridicule me.


The Legon Botanical Garden doesn’t have a restaurant but a snack bar at the entrance of the premises. That isn’t a bother at all because there are a lot of places to eat from outside its premises, the likes of Papaye, KFC, Tayiba, pizza place just to name a few or you can come with your own snacks or a home-cooked meal.

The pricing of off-premises food is affordable as you can get a plate of grilled chicken with fried rice at 28 cedis at Papaye as we did, delicious service. Also, you can package your own meal to the facility and that is allowed.


As I stated, the place isn’t out of town at all so transporting back by public transport won’t be a hustle at all. Just walk to the bus stop and wait for a taxi or trotro or you hail a ride home in comfort, but mind you, there can be very heavy traffic on that road so be mindful of the time you set off. Other than the traffic you’re assured of easy transportation back home.


I wouldn’t want to believe that the workers at the botanical gardens canopy walk activity are that lackadaisical to their job and nonchalant with their work so I suggest management talks with them. Also, there should be dust bins all around the facility.

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