Elmina Beach Resort

Elmina, Resort & I :A Relaxing Vacation

Elmina Beach Resort

The resort was our last stop for the day. The drive to the resort was quick as we were from the Castle. The plan was to visit the famous Lemon Beach Resort to give a personal review since I had done a general review of it on Hotels in Elmina.

That was made impossible as the taxi drivers pegged the chattered ride to and fro at 60 cedi due to the bad road leading to the resort.

That notwithstanding, we were excited for our last destination because we could finally rest and have a whole meal while enjoying the sea breeze.

Travel Time

As I always say, these times are estimated times to give you a fair idea of travelling hours.

  • Koforidua             –  4 Hours 27 Minutes.
  • Sunyani                 –  7 Hours 6 Minutes.
  • Takoradi                –   1 Hour 47 Minutes.
  • Accra Mall             –   3 Hours 14 Minutes.
  • Ho                            –   6 Hours 54 Minutes.


All COVID-19 protocols were adhered to at the entrance. We then made our way towards the reception but I got distracted by their ceiling design.

I have not been to many resorts but I knew the design stood out of the few I have visited; it was in a pyramid shape with bright lights on it.

The receptionist gave us directions to their restaurant, it is worth mentioning that they have wheelchair access for persons with disabilities.


Their restaurant is sizable and the diner has options on where to eat, that is inside or outside with the beach in direct view. Aaron went for the menu so we could place our orders and the waiting game began for our food.


We came to the Elmina beach resort hungry from touring the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle and we expected our food to be served after 10 minutes from placing the order.

Sadly, that was not the case here. Several minutes went by and our food was yet to be served. At this point, our medium bottle of water was done and there was no explanation for the delay.

An hour had elapsed without an explanation. The food was finally served after having to wait for 1 hour and 20 minutes in total, to make matters worse we were served with almost cold food like what I had at Serenity Beach Resort and I hate cold food. 

I had fried rice with chicken and Kan had Banku with Tilapia. The rice had a regular taste and the chicken was oily and did not look attractive to me but Kan did enjoy his Banku.

Payment Mode

If you are a regular on my blog you know I believe strongly in having physical cash rather than electronic cash on all my trips, but as the saying goes “even the best is susceptible to mistakes”. 

We were short on cash without knowing until it was time to pay for our food. I felt very embarrassed and weird at the same time and he felt the same. Luckily, they had a POS machine and that was how we made payment and felt a sigh of relief.

Fun Fact

As I mentioned earlier, we were low on cash and no trotro accepts atm. We began hunting for mobile money vendors and ATMs to withdraw from, otherwise, there was no returning to Accra. 

We walked from the Elmina Beach Resort to the main road as we were informed, we would find it there. Note that it was long-distance and the food at this point had digested as I felt hungry and thirsty all over. 

We were about to lose hope till we found another ATM, our joy was short-lived as it had no cash and the alternative was to walk from Elmina to the UCC campus as we had no money for a car.

We stood by the road waiting for an empty car and I hailed it to stop and explained our situation to both the driver and mate.  

Aaron was very apologetic about the situation because I was quiet and had my head on the seat. Thankfully I knew the community well and asked the driver to stop at the Apam junction to withdraw from a MOMO vendor.

I was tired from the experience and the tour. You would think that it took away my joy of touring more than 1 location in a day. We learnt a lot and found it rather exciting.


To sum it up, I will say that the trip was eventful and successful and I plan on doing it again soon.

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