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The Dodi Cruise Experience

The Dodi Cruise Experience

Dodi Cruise

The feeling I had on that Saturday morning was different, the reason being, I was going on a cruise for the very first time. Also, I felt I was going to relax more than going to work as I feel each time Kan and I get on the road. This trip was sponsored by the Ghana Tourism Authority’s travel and share campaign which I won. The Eastern region precisely Atimpoku, Akosombo and its environs have a lot of beach resorts, boat cruises, beaches and gardens thanks to lake volta so be rest assured of an experience when you visit there so join my cruise as I detail to you, my experience.

There are many tourism sites to visit in the Eastern region and Dodi Cruise is of a few.

  1. Boti Falls
  2. Umbrella Rock
  3. Bunso Eco Park
  4. Aburi Gardens
  5. Air Jays
  6. Adom Falls
  7. Tini Falls
  8. Adome Bridge

These are a few tourist sites the region has to offer.

Travel Time

As I always say, these are estimated times based on your mode of transportation and the time of the day you set off.

  • Agbogba    –  1 Hour 59 Minutes.
  • Apedwa     –  2 Hours 53 Minutes.
  • Agona-Swedru  –  3 Hours 31 Minutes.
  • Kpeshie   –    1 Hour 49 Minutes.

Travel Experience

Just as I am familiar with the Central region road, so I am with the Akosombo road considering my travels to Adome Bridge Gardens and Afadjato. The only difference was that we were late due to a hitch at the station but we managed to get there in the nick of time to board the cruise ship. For more details on the travel experience, read on Adome.


CRUISE                     150- 250 CEDI
This covers food and water, if you need anything else you pay for it unless it Is a package.

Cruise Experience

We got our coupons and set to board the ship filled with excitement and this is where things went bad for me. A thorough security check on the body and of tickets are done, also no foreign food or snack is allowed on the ship. At the security point, my ticket was requested, but I did not have it because it was a prize I had won. The female guard was not having my explanation and went ahead to sideline me. I stood at the side feeling embarrassed for this unwarranted treatment, after some time I went back in search of the gentleman I was directed to who later walked me back to the security point to explain for me to be able to board with Kan. In short, my spirit was down from the unpleasant experience.

Onboard, we were handed our food and moved to the top deck. The leader of the life band introduced himself and took us through safety instructions should anything happen whilst on board.

Later we were told the duration of the Dodi cruise was 5 and a half hours trip which I did not mind. I was ready to have fun and dance as they played us old songs.

On the lower deck, some were enjoying a game of FIFA and other board games

What made it more fun was that it was a passenger’s birthday and he got treated well. Alcoholic beverages were readily available just like my favourite, kebab.

I found myself dancing to the old tunes and singing along. Their food was nice and I felt very safe.

The views as we passed the islands were breathtaking but what got my attention was the little houses we saw on the islands.


Ghana has beautiful sights; some you may only see at a cost. The views I got whiles cruising made me happy and I entreat you to get on it soon. Their service was good and I will be back soon for their night cruise. This is not it, stay tuned for more on the island. You do not want to miss it.


Food was part of the package. They had a few options available to us. That is fried rice with chicken, jollof rice with chicken and then, banku with tilapia. It was nicely packaged and to go with it was fruit juice and water. The food was delicious and well packaged. They do not allow food or drinks on the ship aside from what they serve you. You can take snacks though and buy your drinks and kebab on board.

Fun Fact

This was my first time onboard a ship and I was excited as I was scared. But the captain and the chaperons made us feel at ease and enjoyed the live band performance. They played nonstop. But what made it exciting was, it was the birthday of a passenger and his friends spared no cost in celebrating him the Ghanaian way by pouring drinks on him and taking videos whilst at it. I entreat you to book a seat during this festive season for an enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for part 2, which will be my tour on the DODI ISLAND.

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