dodi cruise

The Dodi Cruise Experience

The Dodi Cruise Experience Dodi Cruise The feeling I had on that Saturday morning was different, the reason being, I was going on a cruise for the very first time. Also, I felt I was going to relax more than going to work as I feel each time Kan and I get on the road.…

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Serenity Beach Resort PT 2

With no further introductions let’s get the ball rolling. So if you’re lost I suggest you read Part 1 of the serenity beach resort review. My second visit was rather uneventful and calming to my satisfaction.  Food As of 1 pm, Serenity was dead quiet with a handful of customers. We were attended to immediately we got settled in…

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The Legon Botanical Gardens: My First Experience

The LEGON BOTANICAL GARDENS is one of the few child-friendly outdoor spaces in Accra. It can boast of a well laid out open space in the centre of Haatso, and at a strategic location sandwiched between the oldest university in Ghana, the University of Ghana, and the Wisconsin University. Whilst surrounded by a few popular restaurants. Also, the…

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Adome bridge gardens

Travels To Adome Bridge Gardens

The Akosombo township can boast of several beautifully designed sized hotels, tourist sites, beaches and restaurants low on the pocket and quality assured. I have made it a point to visit most of it and share with you my experience. I was there in January but was caught up with work and could not explore so I…

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