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Cactus Creek Hotel – A Hidden Beauty In Aburi, Ghana

The Aburi township can boast of a number of beautifully designed sized hotels and restaurants, low on the pocket and quality assured. I’ve made it a point, to visit most of it and share with you my experience. Somewhere February this year, 2 days to valentine, I saw a post on Instagram about CACTUS CREEK HOTEL, which immediately caught my attention with its yellow buildings and beautiful landscape, and decided to go up the mountains the very next day. I searched it up on google maps to see its exact location and how far it was. Join me as I chronicle to you my experience. 

Travel experience

I saw my regular palm wine sellers lined up at Peduase and its environs, the corn sellers and all that adds up to the beauty of the Aburi township. Traffic was nothing new as I’ve frequented the road more than I can count so I was fine.


The server who received us was very welcoming and polite, which pleased me very well. We were immediately provided with a menu after asking which services we were there for because it’s a hotel and a restaurant so I understood the question. I immediately knew what to order as the menu was very readable and easy to navigate through, so I had assorted jollof rice with goat meat and green pepper sauce and my friend had assorted fried rice with goat meat and green pepper sauce also. Our order didn’t take long to be served maybe because we were the only customers then. With about 45 cedis you can get a plate of food in a good quantity.


The ambience is perfect with the mountainous weather and looking down little houses down the hill. Watching over the new sites springing up, the yellow buildings adds their unique beauty to it also. Personally, I think the design is beautiful with the transparent blue glass window at the reception area, their bicycle-like seats, the polished wooden seats under the summer hut shade. All come together in harmony to light up the place.


Now, this is where things get tricky. Truth be told, the signage by the roadside made us think it was a walking distance to the hotel, which turned out otherwise. Now we decided on a hailing taxi but with the bad internet connection, we took to the traditional way; we stood there and all the taxis passing by were full. Luckily, one stopped empty for us to bargain for a fare of 10 cedis. Upon arrival, we agreed it was a fair price because of the nature of the road. Not to exaggerate but it was that bad. The road that leads to the premises is motorable to a point and afterwards, it’s a dusty bumpy ride.

I wasn’t surprised to see most of the cars packed on the premises to be 4-wheel drives and land rovers which meant they were frequent and accustomed to the road. When all was said and done and ready to leave, we came across the same network problem with hailing a taxi. We kept trying and eventually got one, apparently, the driver had dropped off someone at Aburi Gardens and was returning back to Accra when our order came through. The driver thought he was lost as he kept calling for direction because all he saw was bush mainly because it’s a new site. We had to move out to the main road to signal him. If not for returning to Accra, we would have walked to the main road for a taxi and subsequently back home. This meant those hailing taxis are not in those areas so to speak.

Payment mode

Like many others, their payment mode is very flexible with a lot of cashless systems in place. They accept MOMO, CASH and ATM CARDS so you are sorted.


I love good music so trust me when I say that their playlist was very exciting that I found myself in my seat grooving to the songs. Keeping your customers entertained is very important and they did it very well with a mix of trendy Ghanaian and Nigerian songs. What really caught my attention was that they had sockets built into the tables under the summer huts so that you can be enjoying your meal and your phone or laptop charging.

Disability friendly

The Cactus Creek Hotel has two entrances, which is the walkway descent and the car entrance. You can use the car entrance to wheel in your wheelchair but you need a strong grip as it’s sloppy due to its mountainous form.

It is a child-friendly place and also for family and friends and good for wedding receptions, commercials and photoshoot sessions. All you have to do is call and make inquiries.

Pets are not allowed. All in all, we had a very good time as we stayed there for over 3 hours enjoying the food and the environment. On my next visit, I will book a room for a better appreciation of the place.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Share the link, comment and subscribe.

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