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The Eastern Region is home to many tourist sites in the country, the likes of Aburi Gardens, Boti Falls, Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm and the iconic Adome Bridge, Akosombo Dam just to name a few. As one of the 16 regions in the country, the Eastern region has by far the most pleasant weather and is an ideal location for most foreigners.

Bunso Eco Park is located in Nsutem off the Suhum Kumasi road. The park is one of the emerging family fun parks in the country alongside the likes of Legon Botanical Garden and Aburi Garden. The park has many fun and age-appropriate activities for everyone. The drive was a smooth one from Accra to Bunso. For a 2-hour drive, you get to appreciate the boulevard and with a good eye, you can catch a Gimple of some town names like ‘Obretema, kyekyewere, Densusu, Apedwa, and Kyebi. BUNSO ECO PARK, ZIPLINE IN A BEAUTIFUL FOREST RESERVE

The Bunso Eco Park is a beautiful 40-acre forest reserve with many tree species, and a herb garden and if you are lucky you get to see some butterflies. Below are some activities at the park

  1. Tree Top Canopy Walk
  2. Children’s Play Ground
  3. Horse Riding
  4. Bird Sanctuary
  5. Butterfly Sanctuary
  6. Zipline
  7. Entry Fees

After deciding on which activities to partake in, we were assigned a tour guide. He welcomed us and led us to our first activity. Although we did not get a brief history of the park, I was still excited to start my adventure.

The first was the tree-top canopy walk. I thought I was prepared to walk on the canopy; after all, I have walked on that of Kakum and Legon Botanical Gardens. However, little did I know that one should never be overconfident as the dynamics are never the same. I was petrified as the ascend began on the stairs to the canopy itself, thankfully the tour guide was there to give me all the encouragement I needed to get on it. Compared to Kakum, it was not windy to cause the canopy to move so I felt calm. It is a 5-level tree top walk with the third level caved in, which meant I had to take steady steps.

Bernard was very helpful on the canopy walk and it was helpful as he agreed to hold the phone and take pictures of me since I was scared I would drop the phone. BUNSO ECO PARK, ZIPLINE IN A BEAUTIFUL FOREST RESERVE

At the last canopy, there was repair work ongoing and that gave me the reassurance that the safety of visitors and staff is important to the park. All in all, I conquered all 5 stages with a smile on my face and many pictures and videos to share.

Next on the list was the zipline, my first experience on a zipline was in 2019 at the now closed down Air Jays at Kwahu. That was my first experience in the air, it was thrilling. For someone who fears heights, I was quite excited as I climbed onto the platform. I was securely strapped and set to go. As I was being encouraged to move, I saw many people on the ground watching me. I got a little nervous and silently prayed they all move to other activities. The zipline attendant appeared to be losing his patience and looked at me puzzled, after contemplating on getting off or going ahead I chose the latter and asked him to push me and off I went.

I remember screaming throughout the ride and everyone on the ground kept laughing, it was a nice experience. Afterwards, we decided to move to the car park and munch on our now cold kebab. We bought them in the morning at Linda Dor restaurant. It was still spicy so I did not mind the change in temperature. BUNSO ECO PARK, ZIPLINE IN A BEAUTIFUL FOREST RESERVE

It was around 3 pm when we were done and noticed the clouds were gathering, this was our cue to prepare and return to Accra. We thought we could beat the rain but little did we know and without warning, the rain began falling heavily.

The place was moderately crowded which I enjoyed. I recommend the place and suggest they add more activities to their list, ensuring the tour guides give visitors a brief history of the park before starting an activity. For the first time, I do not have anything to strongly dislike, as that is a good thing, they have neat cubicle washrooms, an eatery and a playground for kids and most importantly a kebab stand. Do visit soon and share your reviews with me. BUNSO ECO PARK, ZIPLINE IN A BEAUTIFUL FOREST RESERVE. 

Are you a good guesser? Where will I be touring soon? Leave your comments here in my email or across all social media platforms @explorewithabena

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  1. Hello Nana,
    Thanks for.the good content.
    For someone living in Accra and not driving, how can I get to this park please


    1. Thank you. Board a troski or public transportation heading to Suhum. Alright at the Suhum round about and board a taxi heading to asafo. Alight at asafo and pick another taxi heading to Linda dor restop. Then board any of the yellow tricycle and tell them you’re going to Bunso park.

      You can take the number of the last driver and call him when you’re ready to leave

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