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My first visit to The Bull and bush Guest house It was one of my birthday presents from a friend, he thought I needed a getaway in the heart of Accra to which I agreed. My first stay was in the year 2020 when Covid 19 was yet to be registered in Ghana. I vividly remember that day as if it was yesterday. It was on this very day 12th March, when JOY NEWS reported the 1st covid 19 cases in Ghana. The family called to ask if I want to return home or stay for the duration and I choose to stay since the room had been paid for. Payment mode varies so rest assured you will be attended to.

The Bull and Bush Guest House are located in the heart of a busy community, Kwabenya. It is in town which means you can get a taxi easily to anywhere and again, there are restaurants around should you need one. It is a 2-story building and shares it with several businesses on the ground floor. Again, it has another building in the compound which has a car park area. It is a cute guest house 

With the help of their room service, you can order what you want and have it delivered to your room. This is done at a cost to you and you may tip them at your discretion Amenities include

  1. Wi-Fi.
  2. Air condition.
  3. Ceiling Fan.
  4. Satellite television.
  5. Bar.
  6. Room service.
  7. Gym.
  8. Fridge.
  9. Laundry.

In addition, for your security, the Bull and Bush Guest House has CCTV cameras installed outside its premises.

For budget-friendly accommodation, go in for Bull and Bush Guest house. The mattress was very comfortable and I did enjoy my sleep. It is the bed frame I had issues with, it kept making noise each time I moved on the bed. The only downside with their 80-cedi room is that the washroom is shared and out of the room. It is on the same floor but then you will have to move out to use it, it is neat just like those in the 120 cedis room. Their room prices range from

80 – 150 cedi respectively.

Moreover, each room price and the amenities you get to enjoy BULL AND BUSH GUEST HOUSE, A STAY – PRICES & PHOTOS. However, I had to completely turn off my air-condition at a point so as not to freeze to death. This is so because their air condition remotes are spoilt with just one functioning so I could not regulate the temperatures. I recommend you call ahead to book your room so avoid any disappointments.

There is not much to do at the guest house but you can visit any of the pubs around for your entertainment at night. There is not much information on Google Maps but that should not discourage you. BULL AND BUSH GUEST HOUSE, A STAY – PRICES & PHOTOS

Rather, I was advised by the person who answered to phone to cool the room and then switch it off. I found it unfair because why charge me 120 cedis for an air-conditioned room and I have to sleep with a fan because you are yet to replace faulty remote controls.

To sum it all up, it is an affordable guest house and you should check it out. You can call to book or walk in. I recommend they address the air conditioner remote issue and everything will be fine. Will be re-visiting soon. BULL AND BUSH GUEST HOUSE, A STAY – PRICES & PHOTOS

Do make it a point to visit and share your reviews with me under the comments section or hit me up on my mail or across all social media platforms at @explorewithabena. And any other destination recommendations you have.

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  1. Akomeah, the rooms are all nice and neat whiles their prices are very affordable. Am trying to get in touch with the manager but still not becos the last time I went there with my guy it wasn’t time for our check out

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