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The bare foot beach resort, an affordable beach resort in Ada foah, one of the coastal towns in the Greater Accra Region and home to some notable beach resorts in the region. Some of these beach resorts are Aqua Safari Beach Resort, Tsarley Kporpyi Beach Resort just to name a few. Another thing famous to the Ada township is salt. A lot of people travel from far to buy salt there.

We set off around 8 am to a station under construction therefore we had difficulty in locating the right troski to board. For 23 cedi each we got on board and the journey began. But be prepared to be delayed on the Tema road due to traffic and passengers getting on and off and also the driver may give you to another if passengers heading to Sogakope is more than that which is going to Big Ada at no extra cost to you. BARE FOOT BEACH RESORT, AN AFFORDABLE VACATION IN ADA FOAH

At the last stop, you can either walk to the location with the help of a Google map or get on a motorbike for 3 cedis. I opted for the motor ride because I had no energy to walk, I had nothing in my stomach and feared the worst if I trek.

We were from Tsarley Kporpyi Beach Resort and I was too tired to return home immediately. The visit to Bare Foot Beach Resort was not part of the itinerary, we saw it after we got bored at Tsarley Kporpyi. The resort looked like a privately owned resort considering it was just the 2 of us until a family of 4 foreign nationals joined. BARE FOOT BEACH RESORT, AN AFFORDABLE VACATION IN ADA FOAH 

The environment is peaceful and relaxing. We were on the rooftop enjoying our juice. Unlike some rooftop seating, this had sockets for you to charge your gadgets. 

The staff are friendly and welcoming. Some activities and amenities include

  1. Volleyball
  2. Bar
  3. Restaurant
  4. Grill 
  5. Beach ball.

There is not much to do there if you are alone so I advise you to go with a group to engage in these activities or dive in for a swim. It is a nice hideout from the noisy and busy Accra and a perfect location for a family day out. All you need is your packed food or you buy it at the location . BARE FOOT BEACH RESORT, AN AFFORDABLE VACATION IN ADA FOAH

What may be a problem is if you go without a car you will have to do a lot of walking from the resort to the roadside or if you are lucky, you can get a motorcycle to transport you.

Remember, to purchase your bags of salt

To sum it up, the day was well spent and I took time to plan the year. Although the traffic is heavy when returning, the experience was worth it. So, pack your swimsuits and dive in for a sim in Ada

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