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ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL In one of my articles on restaurants in east Legon, I could not make mention of all affordable restaurants and therefore had to visit one to write on. Ando’s restaurant is located on Patrice Lumba Street. It is a cute eatery that gives visitors an intimate setting to wine and dines. The restaurant has a juice bar at the entrance and shares the same building with Doughman and body organics and to the left is barasa food joint.

An evening drive got me famished and that is how the hunt for an affordable meal in east legion began. The initial plan was to go to Rocco mamas inside the ANC shopping mall. However, we decided against it considering the time and how crowded it would be. I later decided on Ando’s based on reviews from google maps about the taste and menu prices. An average meal was 40 cedis which was a better option at that moment. ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL.

The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived. The interior design was lovely and the seats reminded me of cheezy pizza seating. The seats were comfortable and the colours matched everything else. The service was quick. We were attended to by a female waiter who also served at the counter. ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL.

To make ordering easy for both the customer and waiter, the menu was placed on all tables. They have an outdoor seating area. I went in with a meal in mind but we were informed of its unavailability. This meant our budget would have to change also. She suggested we order jollof rice with grilled chicken for 65 cedis. ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL 

The waiter informed us it will take 10 minutes for our food to be ready and it was right on time. As we waited, we watched tv and chit chat. The payment was made before the food was made ready. You can pay via cash, momo or POS. The food arrived nicely packed and it smelt nice. ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL.

My friend and I had high expectations for the taste of the food and we were not disappointed. I enjoyed every bit of the meal and have been craving it since. The chicken was juicy and dressed with chilly pepper sauce. The jollof rice had chopped vegetables in it and tasted great. ANDOS RESTAURANT AND GRILLS, GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL.

For those who like to drink also, they have a bar and lounge in another store within the building. A cosy restaurant for all. I recommend Andos restaurant to you.

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