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Accra Art Centre – The Home of Beautiful Local Arts.

Accra Art Centre – The Home of Beautiful Local Arts.

The Accra Art Centre is a one-stop place for all local merchandise, it is home to authentic Ghanaian arts and culture. For first-timers, the centre allows them to experience the history of local art and Ghanaian history. From vendors to patrons, this place feels like home to art enthusiasts. One can have a live viewing of an artist as they create a masterpiece.

Like the Aburi Art and Craft Centre, the Accra Art Centre is home to local craftsmen in Accra. The centre has many stalls with art ranging from leather bags, slippers, beads, earrings, cloth, drums, hand fans and anything with a touch of Ghana to it. The stalls differ in size and what they sell so do well to walk around more before deciding where to buy from.

Art and Crafts at the Accra Art Centre

The Accra Art Center is filled with artists who showcase their talent through paintings, sculpture, textiles, jewellery and many more. Art, they say has a personalized meaning and a general theme. Each piece at the Accra Art Centre tells its own story, inspiration and a reflection of the rich history and traditions of Ghanaian life. I always feel inspired after visiting art centres as I get to see talent and creativity at its best.

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One skill you need when buying at the Accra Art Centre is “bargaining skills”. You need to know how to bargain for a good price. I suggest you go with a local to help you bargain and to fill the language barrier gap. Unlike the Aburi Art Center, prices at the Accra Art Centre are on the high end. 

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There are 2 entrances to the centre and a local food joint for those who would want to try local Ghanaian meals. We did not roam a lot as we had to head to Osu Castle. We bought a beaded bracelet for 100 cedis and it was worth it. It was nice to see the diaspora learning how to play the drums, weave and make other crafts. You can do this and more at a fee at most stalls. 

You can walk to the Art Centre from Tema Station. Also, entry is free at the centre. You can turn it into an Accra City Tour if you wish to. In search of a place to go this weekend in Accra? I entreat you to go there and have a feel of the beautiful handmade local artworks in the heart of Accra. So, grab your friends and head to the Accra Art Centre and buy some art.

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