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The Aburi Crafts Village was originally known as Antique village and was built 30 years ago by the Trade Ministry. It was refurbished a few years ago to rebrand the village and support local manufacturers and artisans to produce more and better quality to generate revenue for the town. The art and crafts village is a multipurpose facility aimed to serve as a market centre for locally produced handicrafts and merchandise of all kinds and to attract buyers from all over the country and the world. The vision is similar to that of the Accra Art Market.

aburi crafts village

The route is nothing new to me considering my trips to Hillburi Hotel, Cactus Creek Hotel, Aburi Gardens, and other parts of the Akuapem ridge. I came to a surprise to many after finding out the crafts village was in my blindsight. I never took notice of it until I was surfing google maps for a day trip up Aburi Mountain. You can not miss the center as it is sharing a wall with Aburi Girls.
I went by public transport and it was a quick ride, all passengers were heading to Aburi so we saved time off people alighting and onboarding. Upon arriving at the village, I got the chills due to the cold weather on a sunny Saturday. The place is very airy and spacious .ABURI CRAFTS VILLAGE, ALL YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON

Some of the shops were closed but still got to tour the place. The vendors were calling our attention to their shops from all corners. We first visited a wooden craft shop to take pictures and after that, we bought a handheld African print fan.
One can walk around freely through the village without being bored. Next, we moved to an African print shop. Initially, the plan was to tour and create content but a dress caught my attention. The shop owner was prompt to attend to me and allowed me to fit into some dresses to help me make the right choice. She was very friendly and patient as I took the time in selecting a dress. I got a blue long beach dress after a good bargain. ABURI CRAFTS VILLAGE, ALL YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON


We later moved to walk a woodcarver at work, he concentrated on his work and I admired him. He appeared to be in his late 30s. he allowed us to walk through his shop to look at some of his works whiles he worked. I saw a lot of waist beads shop in the village.

I do suggest you visit on a weekday to see all the shops open. The good news is that you do not have to worry about getting a car back home. It is a vantage point therefore trotro ply it a lot irrespective of the time you leave. Take note to have enough cash on you. That notwithstanding, if you need to use an ATM ask for directions to the Presbyterian Women’s Training Center.
I am excited to revisit and make more purchases.

Hope you visit there soon and do not forget to share your experience with me afterwards. Keep exploring Ghana with me. Guess where next I will be exploring.

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