Explore with Abena

Hello! And thank you for being here. Explore with Abena is a travel & exploration blog that has my opinions and thoughts from my experiences. I’ve always loved exploring the various sights for the past 2 years. Adventure travel & explorations are my passions, amongst others.

What Is Explore With Abena About?

The idea of Explore With Abena came about when I wanted a place where I could share all sorts of stories, tips & photos from my adventures and trips in Ghana, and hopefully worldwide. Every time I go to explore and experience places, it has always been just for fun. It’s easy to get comfortable and take your experiences for granted, so I wanted to practice finding adventure in my every day and open my eyes to awe and wonder. And learn more about myself in the process. I hope this blog inspires you to do the same!

Do enjoy.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney