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The regulars on my blog are aware of my mode of transportation which is by public transport. However, as it is a new year and we are trying new things I went by air to the Western Region this time around. I won a plane ticket by participating in the Ghana Tourism Travel, Share and Win competition and decided to re-visit the western region.

As it was my first time travelling by air, I had to consult my family and also the internet for tips on how and what to pack for a domestic flight. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive and nervous at the same time about how the flight was going to be and how to comport myself. I then recalled that when in a new place, you watch what people do, and you do the same thing when it gets to your turn.

Here are my top 8 essentials you should pack for a flight.

These may slightly differ depending on the flight and airline.

Travel Adapter.

Depending on where you will be lodging, be it in a remote area or town. You can never go wrong with it. Most especially if your laptop/phone plug needs an adapter. I forgot mine and had to request an adapter at the guest house.

essentials for a trip


We can all attest to the fact that some networks work better in some regions or communities be it for calls/internet connectivity so it is advisable to make enquiries on them ahead of your trip. In addition, you can go along with your router if you are uncertain of the security of the hotel or guest house free Wi-Fi and use your sim for internet connectivity. I experienced this problem on my first visit here and since then I travel with all networks to stay connected and work.

Physical Cash.

If you quite remember my experience in Elmina, where we were short on cash and found no ATM point and mobile money vendor till we got to Apam. Well since then I have always advised people to have enough physical cash in addition to their electronic cash. You do not want to find yourself stranded in a strange town.

essential cash for trips

Government Identity Cards.

For all flight checks -you are required to show proof of identity, be it a National ID, Voters ID or Visa and Passport where applicable. I almost missed my flight because I left my ID card at home. Thankfully, I had a soft copy of my ID and that saved me. so have both, that is the hard copy and soft copy for any eventuality.

Electronic Gadgets.

In this technological era, one can not travel without one or both of these, that is a laptop or a phone. I am aware of the rush we get when packing to travel however, I suggest you make a list of things to pack and then tick them off as you pack. Then a day to your trip you double-check every item and have someone double-check for you before making your way to the airport the next day. 


As insignificant as it looks to many, purses can contain a lot of odd documents. Like myself, my purse contains all my cards and I take them out each time I am going out. It can be noted that a lot of people change their purses as they go out. Before you travel, double-check the purse to ascertain the contents of it before getting on the bus. I travelled without my purse and might have missed the flight as I had all my cards in it.

Power Bank

In the days of unstable power supply, this can not be left out when packing. Your battery can run down easily if you use your phone a lot and also if your battery is weak. This has been a lifesaver for me on several occasions.

First Aid kit.

This should not be limited to medicines but include nose masks and hand sanitisers. Also if you have allergies pack your medications.

Other things you can pack includes a headset, making your playlist, note pads and a novel to keep you entertained. In another article, I will talk about things to pack to keep you entertained for long and short flights.

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