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Vacationing has become important due to the nature of people’s jobs. The belief that one has to break the bank to enable them to afford a vacation has caused many not to try it. Fear not, for I have a list of affordable beach resorts in the capital for everyone’s pocket. Do enjoy.

Serenity Residences & Spa, Kokrobite

Room Price on weekdays 3,000 cedis per night

The serenity residences assure guests of total privacy and intimacy with nature. Be it on a romantic getaway or a solo trip to relax. This rental residency takes you away from the noisy city into an oasis of peace and tranquillity. There are 4 villas on the compound for both short and long stays and outright purchases.

Room Price on weekends 4,000 cedis per night

Zanz Apartment

Located in kokrobite, the zanz apartment gives visitors the option of a long or short stay. Also, you can choose a studio room, a 2-bedroom, a 1-bedroom apartment with a kitchen or a 4-bedroom villa. A home away from home experience. The atmosphere is relaxing and the food leaves you wanting more.

Room Price 80 dollars for a standard room

Room Price 600 dollars for a 4-bedroom villa.

Sankofa Beach House.

The atmosphere at the Sankofa beach house exudes a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. The beach house has 13 rooms, each with a different theme. To make it more inclusive, it accepts day visitors to experience the resort. The beach house covers almost 4 acres of beachfront. A popular location for group hangouts and a place to reflect on one’s life. Visitors strongly suggest you book before visiting to avoid any inconveniences. 5 LUXURY BEACH VACATION HOUSES IN KOKORBITE, ACCRA GHANA

Room Price for standard room 800 cedis 

Room Price for V.I.P room 3,000 cedis


  • Pool
  • Breakfast
  • Beach Access
  • Wi-Fi

Kuvuki Beach Lodge

Located in kokrobite, Kuvuki Beach Lodge is one of the many serene beach resorts in Accra. The lodge gives visitors the best atmosphere needed to bond with and relax as they lodge or take a walk under the sunset. The lodge has single rooms and suites to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Their suites are self-catering, that is it has a furnished kitchen. Guests speak of the beautiful sunset view through their rooms or as they laziness on the beach. A home away from home with a touch of nature. 5 LUXURY BEACH VACATION HOUSES IN KOKORBITE, ACCRA GHANA

Room rates are 400 cedis for a standard room


  • Beach Access
  • Air Conditioned
  • Free Wi-Fi

Cliff Haven Beach Resort

This hidden gem is located 6km south of kata. It has a beautiful ocean view and the beach is right under your feet. Guest speaks of how lovely and spacious the rooms were. Staff are prompt with orders and the food tastes delicious. The only downside is the poor road network leading to the beach resort. The haven’s serene and neat environment gets guests in awe whenever they visit. A peaceful place away from the noisy capital.

Room Price for standard room 700 cedis


  • Outdoor Pool
  • Spa
  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant

This part of the capital has several beach homes and vacation rentals for both locals and foreign tourists. Are you a lover of peace and the sea? Then visit these places and enjoy your vacation in bliss.

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