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As an urban city and also the capital of Ghana, Accra is one of the densely populated cities in the country and as such many of its residents forget to sit back and relax. If it were abroad, Accra will be seen as the big apple. This is because many people from all parts of the country make their way to Accra in search of greener pastures.

Nonetheless, Accra can boast of many recreational centres, restaurants, clean beaches, nightclubs, casino houses, art centres and the likes. Aside from making profits and providing employment, these establishments aim at relieving people of their stress and promoting good health. As the famous saying goes; all work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy.

So, join me as we explore some fun activities you can do when in the capital, be it on a vacation or a working visit. Accra has more to offer so I entreat you to be a part of it and invest in our ever-growing tourism industry. Below is some activities fun you can engage in during your stay.

Shop at an open-air market.

Photo by Omotayo Tajudeen on Unsplash

For many indigenes of the city, shopping at an open-air market does not only assure them of the best prices but also allows them to interact with traders. Be it tabletop or wholesalers. One can make mention of the famous Makola Market in the heart of Accra, the Agboboloshie market, the yam market, the Madina market just to name a few. At these markets, one has to be ready to bargain for a good price. Visit any of these markets for an experience. They sell a variety of things provided you are ready to walk. I prefer the Makola market because it is closer.

Watch a play at the national theatre.

Photo by Francisco Anzola on flickr

Before covid, I frequented the theatre often with a friend for the evening shows. Snacks were being sold across the street and kebabs. Their washrooms are neat. My interest in plays grew during my Senior High School days as a general art student reading ‘’ THE TEMPEST, AND THE BLINKARDS’’. During Christmas, there are a lot of plays shown at the theatre at affordable prices. Transporting yourself back home late at night is easy thanks to hailing taxi apps but aside from the hailing taxis, you can join a trotro bus heading in your direction. You can visit their Instagram page for upcoming plays and their prices.

Visit an art centre.

Image from Flolondon

Art-making or viewing is said to be therapeutic to humans and I agree. I am new to the art world myself. My first contact with professional artworks was last year when first met with Aaron Kan Tamakole. I saw an invitation to an art exhibition at the Nubuke Art Foundation, I asked a friend to accompany me but she was caught up with an art project and suggested I go with her friend kan. It was a refreshing atmosphere, walking past artworks and trying to understand them. You can also visit the 1997 Gallery in the Kempinski Hotel for more artwork. But for a fun experience, I suggest you visit the Accra arts centre and Osu art market for more amazing artworks. Do not forget to buy a few.

Visit the beach.

Photo by Sylvia Szekely on Unsplash

Going to the beach is another way to have fun when in Accra. You can either go alone or in a group. I prefer going on Sunday afternoons or weekday afternoons. That is because the place will not be packed with people. You can visit Labadi Beach, Laboma Beach, Next Door Beach, Luxury Beach Resort, Sandbox etc. Some beaches charge an entrance fee and some do not. There are fun activities to take part in at the beach, you can pay for a horse ride, beach soccer and volley. Also, you can buy food and any type of drink at the beach.

Go Carting.

Photo by David Armstrong on Unsplash

I call this the new kid in town, mainly because it is fairly new to me and many others. The idea is simple, sit in a cart and rive around in circles. It is fun and a good way to spend time with friends and family. The only downside is the scarcity of it. I know of just two, one in Devtraco and Tema. But that notwithstanding, I suggest you visit and try your hands driving a cart.

There is more to Accra than fancy restaurants, luxury hotels and apartments and nightclubs. The simple things are still appealing to many and it may appeal to you if you give them a try.  

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