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The Akuapem Ridge in the Eastern region is a prime location for both local tourists and foreign tourists. The weather on the mountain has earned the town its name “small London”. I have a personal connection with the region because I come from there and also schooled there. Aburi is a town in the Akuapem south district in the eastern region of Ghana and it is famous for tourist sites like Aburi Botanical Gardens, Asenema waterfalls, Adom waterfalls and the Odwira festival. Below are 5 FUN THINGS AND PLACES TO SIGHTSEE IN ABURI

This is nature at its best. The smooth ride from Ayi Mensah is very smooth. A Ghanaian pays 5 cedis whiles a non-Ghanaian pays 50 cedis. It is a perfect location for picnic dates and to buy local artefacts. The iconic helicopter still stands in the garden. There are a few privately owned restaurants on-site to serve you delicious African cuisines at an affordable rate. One thing you should not forget is to buy a bottle of fresh palm wine and maize. It is an ideal place for group hangouts. Do not forget to pack all the essentials for the road trip. You can request a guided tour if you need one.

I love it when I can visit more than 3 tourist sites in a single trip and a trip to Aburi provides me with that. Do not just visit Aburi Gardens and return home without visiting Adom Waterfalls. Located in Obosomase a few minute’s drive from the Gardens lies this beautiful fall. You can ride a bike to a point and then hike from there. Many visitors speak highly of how neat the place is kept and the stunning view you get. For a fee, you get the chance to hike onto the waterfall. 5 cedis per person. 5 FUN THINGS AND PLACES TO SIGHTSEE IN ABURI

It is a spacious place with many vendor shops selling African print dresses, crafts, woodwork, jewellery, and anything with a touch of African at an affordable price. Be ready to bargain for a good price and also walk around for more options. You do not need to pay for a tour or entry fee. However, I do suggest you have enough physical cash and a budget. Otherwise, you will have to find your way to the ATM at the PWTC at the station. You can seek permission to tour the glass building or to record any of the wood carvers at work.


The quad bike adventure complements one’s tour at the Aburi Gardens. That is, you can make it a trio tour which includes the Adom waterfalls, quad bike, and the gardens. The good news is, that you do not need experience on a quad bike. The tour guides will take you through how to operate it and then you get a go. The staff are ready to assist you when you need it, all you need do is be ready to learn how to drive the bike.

For tourists who like adventure, this is your ideal gig. There are no directional signs and the access road is in a bad state. One has to be vigilant when going to the waterfall. Many visitors have complained about being extorted by some inhabitants. I suggest they get proper management in place to resolve all these problems and make the place attractive. Ghanaians pay 10 cedis whereas non-Ghanaians pay 15 cedis

Aburi has a lot more to offer than we know. It has good local and continental restaurants, luxury hotels and guest houses and perfect weather. Do visit any of the above-mentioned 5 FUN THINGS AND PLACES TO SIGHTSEE IN ABURI destinations and share your experience with me. Guess where my next tour will be?

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