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It is said that everyone loves a beautiful waterfall with a rainbow on it, but very few know what a waterfall is and how it is formed. A waterfall is a river or other body of steep water falling over a rocky ledge into a plunge pool below. What I find interesting is that erosion or the wearing away of earth plays an important part in the formation of waterfalls. 

With that said, the Eastern Region is said to be home to most of the country’s waterfalls. The likes of Boti falls and Tini falls can be found in the eastern region. I am yet to visit any waterfall however I hope this list will encourage everyone to visit regardless of the distance and the bad roads and the hours you need to hike for. Below are some 5 beautiful waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana. Below is a listicle of 5 beautiful waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana worth visiting.


This waterfall is arguably the most famous, if not the most visited in the country located in Asiafo Amanfo. River Ponmpon which forms the falls takes its source from Ahenkwa -Amalakpo. This waterfall is preferred by couples, models, families and friends and adventure seekers compared to the rest because of its proximity to the city. There is a large compound by the waterfall for picnics and rest. You get a guided tour to the falls and back, you can chatter a motorbike ride down if you can not hike down. An entrance fee of 20 cedis and a tour fee of 30 cedis to hike to the waterfall. It is open 24/7


Those who travelled to Kwahu for the Easter festivities are no strangers to this waterfall. Located in Akim Adasawase in the Atiwa District of the Eastern Region. It may be new to us but it’s gradually becoming a sought-after waterfall. Accessibility to the fall has been improved greatly as told by a friend. The hike through the thick forest is said to be a 45-minute walk depending on your stamina. For a fee of 10 cedis, you are assured of a fantastic experience. However, check from the tourist centre via call If the fall has not dried up. This is one of the 5 beautiful waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana


I love it when I can visit more than 3 tourist sites in a single trip and a trip to Aburi provides me with that. Do not just visit Aburi Gardens and return home without visiting Adom Waterfalls. Located in Obosomase a few minutes’ drive from the Gardens lies this beautiful fall. You can ride a bike to a point and then hike from there. Many visitors speak highly of how neat the place is kept and the stunning view you get. For a fee, you get the chance to hike onto the waterfall. This is one of many 5 BEAUTIFUL WATERFALLS IN THE EASTERN REGION OF GHANA.



An ideal hike for thick forest lovers as the waterfall is surrounded by dense forest. Located in a small Asenema township in between Adukrom and Koforidua. It is not far from Boti falls so one can visit both and like all waterfalls compounds, you can have a picnic there. A perfect getaway spot for nature lovers. There are no entry and hike fees to be paid for now. Listen to the sounds of the waterfall and breathe in clean air on-site. This is one of the 5 beautiful waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana worth visiting.


Located near the Akyeremateng village in the Akuapem North District in the Eastern Region and a few minutes’ drive from Boti falls just like the Asenema Waterfalls. It is best to visit after the rainy season for a clear hike path. Do not forget to pack as many bottles of water for the hike and food as there are no eateries at the site. For a fee of 5 cedis, you get to experience the waterfall and all nature has to offer.

The Eastern Region has a lot to offer the tourism industry and as such attention should be given to it, especially the towns the sites are in should have their roads done to encourage more visitors and grow the region. The above 5 beautiful waterfalls in the eastern region of Ghana are worth visiting.

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