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11 Affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah – Relaxing Environment.

The 11 Affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah – Relaxing Environment.

Ada Foah is a town on the southeast coast of Ghana, where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for palm-lined beaches and estuary islands. On the seafront are traces of Fort Kongenstein, built in the 18th century. Ada Foah is one of the inexpensive places to stay in the Greater Accra Region with several low-budget but relaxing accommodation options for both locals and ex-pats. Beach Resorts in Ada Foah


Beach Resorts in Ada Foah are a fantastic option for anyone looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Ghana without breaking the bank. These resorts offer comfortable accommodations and amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, and bars, all just steps away from the shores of Ada Foah. Visitors can spend their days lounging on the soft sand or taking part in water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, or fishing. The local culture is vibrant and welcoming, making it easy to immerse yourself in traditional food and music. Below are 11 affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah.

Lemon River Resort.

Located in Big Ada on Adusu Street, this river resort has beautiful rooms and a serene environment to make your stay worthwhile. Aside from its luxury rooms, the Lemon River resort has fun activities to entertain guests. You can book a boat ride, jet ski, speed boat or canoe ride. The resort has amenities to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Room Rates GHS 535 – 700 Contact Details 0246356947

Theo Goodlife Hotel

A good vibe with a relaxing atmosphere is a recipe for a good weekend. With a great location and good service, this place is frequented by many in search of a getaway in Ada Foah. The meals are delicious is affordable. If you love small rooms then this place will be good for you. You can have your events there as well. A simple but beautiful place to lodge .This is an affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah.

Room Price. GHS 472. Contact Details 0592221691.

Peace Holiday Resort.

This resort is a hidden haven in Big Ada. There are fun activities like canoe rides, boat cruises and speed boats. The resort is beautiful and has its buildings painted in white. You can tour their mini zoo during your stay. 

Room Rates GHS 904. Contact Details 0241267450.

Club Rubstone & Motel.

It is a beautiful motel to stay at and hang out with friends and family on a budget. Guests recommend you go at night if you want to have fun with good music and for a relaxing time, you should go daytime.

Contact Details 0263477842

Tsarley korpey Beach Resort

At the resort, you get a look at treasure island, one of the most famous resorts and recreational sites in the country. Again, they have speed boats or cruise boats for small groups at a very affordable price at the resort.

Contact Details 0274218430.

Camp Tsatse Resort. 

Located in Big Ada on Luhuese Street, this resort is a home away from home for its guests. The resort has such a great view of the lake, a serene atmosphere, and delicious meals in addition. It comes with fun activities like speed boats.

Room Rates GHS 1,000 – 2,200. Contact Details 0249335271.

Tnt Chalet Ada.

The Chalet is a good hideout or getaway from the noisy Accra. A family-friendly place and relaxing place. The buildings are colorful with nice artwork displayed throughout the rooms. Rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities to make your stay memorable. This is an affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah

Contact Details 054805555.

Maks Resort Ada.

A serene and relaxing environment on a budget. The resort like many others has activities to keep you entertained. You can go in for a buffet or select a meal from their menu.

Room Price GHS 564 -1,060. Contact Details 0546179695.

Villa Awoyo Resort.

This family-friendly resort has a kid’s playground and activities for adults to keep both engaged. Aside from lodging there, they also have other services for those in need of it (renting a space for an event, etc.) This is an affordable Beach Resorts in Ada Foah

Room Prices GHS 1,104 – 2,705. Contact Details 0503551725.

Treasure Island

From boat rides to horse rides, Treasure Island is a luxurious beach resort in Ada Foah. You get there by cruising from Tsarley Korpey beach resort. You can go in for any of their day visit packages or spend your weekend there.

Room Price GHS 1,234 – 9,990. Contact Details 0302918140.

Aqua Safari Resort

Aqua Safari is a beautiful river drive with luxurious chalet rooms. There are several activities to be engaged in at the resort. One can select a day visit package or book a room to fully experience the safari resort.

Room Price GHS 2,700 – 9,000. Contact Details 0540110190.

 With prices starting at just 470 cedis per night, these resorts offer an affordable alternative to more upscale options nearby. These Beach Resorts in Ada Foah affords you a relaxed get-away from Accra. Overall, whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an active adventure by the sea, Ada Foah’s beach resorts offer something for everyone in a casual atmosphere that promotes relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Beach Resorts in Ada Foah

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